Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Enter Your Personal Story at The Write Place At The Write Time...

There's a Writer's Contest going on right now...for NonFiction--Want to Learn More?
Not Decided, then here is a sample of the nonfiction in this quarter for your reading pleasure...
"Our Stories"

These are stories of things that have happened serendipitously, being in the right place at the right time or just heartfelt musings, thoughts, and feelings on life.  Join us in our non-fiction section.  These stories speak to anyone and everyone and are told by anyone and everyone who has a story to tell. 
Before you start reading, spend some time with the page's artwork "Pond in Fog" Linda Woods

Start right at the top with
Memory on Fire

By Elizabeth Schwing

My earliest memories were here…sleeping on the screened-in porch with my sisters, reading Charlotte’s Web under the covers of our cots late into the night, flashlights propped between our knees.  We would fall asleep to the sounds of cicadas, owls and frogs, our nightly lullaby.  During the days, we would put on a production of E.B. White’s classic tale of friendship and sacrifice for our parents.  We spent summers here, learning important life lessons: how to gut a fish fresh from the lake, play chess, grow tomatoes.  Most important, we learned how to be content living without the amenities of modern life. 

Or choose

Training Shoes

By Elizabeth Schwing

They are hanging from a nail above my desk so that they are the first thing I see each morning when I sit down to work.  They remind me of where I started and how far I have come.

Next will be

Remembering Cambridge Snow

By Patrick Kinsley

The snow started falling an hour before I left. I was staying in Boston with an old friend but he was leaving on the Chinatown bus tomorrow. This old friend had given me directions- down the avenue and take a right, walk three blocks and find the bus stop just before the bridge. Take the number 16 across the highway to the square and walk down the street across from the supermarket until you come to the second avenue.

Ending with

A Lighter Tale of Baggage

By Nicole M. Bouchard

When you think of all the things a person amasses in the course of their lives, objects large and small, some temporary, some lasting, precious or wasteful, we are a species of collectors.  From spare change and crumpled movie ticket stubs in coat pockets to heirloom furniture, we are seekers and keepers of tokens that serve as proof of our life experience. 

Read what others are writing and maybe you'll have a story to write for the contest!

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