Monday, January 10, 2011

Have you Found The Write Place? Now's The Time!

Winter's Majesty...

Welcome all weary world travelers, old friends and new, to the winter issue ofThe Write Place At the Write Time.  Close the door to the harsh, ice-laced winds behind you and come inside.  Feel free to remove your boots and coat, hat and gloves, cares or sorrows over in the mud room.  Make yourself comfortable there by the window in the library so you can watch the diamond snow from a cozy spot away from the cold.  Accept this blanket, tea, and plate of patisseries with our compliments.  

"Silver Edged Clouds" by Jesse Blanchard 

Will greet you on the Author Interview Page... I love the inclusion of beautiful art work in each quarterly edition, don't you?

Blanchard Interview by Denise Bouchard

No one personifies this ‘make it or break it’ spirit more than Bob and Melinda Blanchard.  

This issue, their gift to us is the straight-forward answers of what was, what is, and what’s next for them.  They are the most genuine, warmest individuals you will ever come across.  For the person who has everything, consider giving them the gift of Live What You Love for the holidays or grab it for yourself if you’re ready to live the uncommon life.  

Listen in on Denise's Discussion!

Seeya There!

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