Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So You're Looking For A Professional Site to Submit Your Writing or Artwork?

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Check out Submission Guidelines for

The Write Place At the Write Time!

Just click on the article title and zoom over!

As always, you'll stop and enjoy the beautiful painting starting that page...

"Icon Lady" by Hermes Hernandez; 

From the Editorial Staff at The Write Place At the Write Time:

We are a quarterly on-line literary magazine whose mission is to move our readers with fiction and poetry that speaks deeply to the heart and mind. This publication includes not only fiction, poetry, original photos and artwork, but also interviews with professionals from the literary world as well as selected artists from other fields who use writing as a part of their craft. 

Submission guidelines: Most fiction genres and poetry considered, however, no erotica, no juvenile stories at present, and no explicit or needless violence. In short, tell an incredible story, move your audience through sympathetic characters, but please avoid sending us anything so disturbing that it keeps us up at night. Use sound literary judgment...

One of these days when I'm not reading or reviewing a book, I'm going to submit something to this site! I hope I can meet their high standards...

How about you...

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  1. Ok, great...just let me know when something of yours if used Karin! Love to see you in print when I can!

    Best, Glenda