Monday, January 17, 2011

Spotlighting Poetry Offerings...You've Just Got to Go And Enjoy This Page!

When you click over to The Poetry Section of The Write Place at The Write Time (click title of article), you will see a beautiful painting complementing the section!

"The Poet" by Denise Morris Curt

Followed by a Wonderful Tape of her paintings against music! (This is worth the time in itself!)

The Limner
by Denise Bouchard

An afternoon in May
The tulips are in bloom...

Bygone Memories
by Cheryl Sommese
It wasn't enough that he would call all me stupid,
a name I knew didn't apply...

A Powerful Passageway
by Cheryl Sommese 
Along that winding stretch,
a passageway leading to death...

Secret Garden
by C. Michelle Olson 
 An enchanted place where beauty awaits
 Flowers reach out like hands that grab a prize...

Black Tree Black Tree
by C. Michelle Olson
Black Tree, Black Tree
What's happened to Thee...

And so much more! More poetry! Add the beautiful paintings and music and I know you'll spend an enjoyable time in this section!

At the Write Place at the Write Time...

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