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Review: Sniper Crosses Country Following His Prey...

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Esme fell through the ceiling onto a lower floor as she
tried to escape from Galileo, only to have him find her 
after she had been seriously hurt!

While Galileo Preys

By Joshua Corin

Esme Stuart had retired from the FBI and living a suburban life with her professor husband and child, even starting to get involved with local activities, when the first killings happened. She did the first thing that came to her mind; she called her former boss to find out more...

And when she did, two things happened:
  • It created a division between her and her husband since he wanted her to have nothing to do with her former life.
  • It brought her close friend and mentor back into her life, who immediately began to beg for her help and return to the FBI.

While Galileo PreysThere was a reason that the FBI needed her, Esme Stuart could analyze what was happening and begin to see patterns. Then she would her unique skills, that were never limited by logic, and begin to develop not only reasons, but potential future actions. And those type of skills were very much needed because Galileo, who had named himself, was preying across the United States, targeting police, firemen and other public service employees. His body count increased...and the follow up showed that every bullet hit its mark.

He never missed his target...

Until he stood over Esme Stuart with his gun pointing at her head...

Esme had agreed to come in as an consultant only for a short period, to analyze the case files and work toward developing a theory. And she did!

But her theory would cause major political problems if they were to pursue it and those in control refused to accept her suggestions for investigation, surveillance and action. And Galileo was brilliant in his strategy to set up a situation so that everybody would be away from the main office. Only Esme was there when he broke into the main office to get information. During her attempt to escape from him, she was seriously hurt. And when she woke up in the hospital, she could not believe that Galileo had not pulled the trigger of the gun he had pointed!

As the count continued to rise, the FBI team was being criticized by everybody. Tom Piper, her former boss, was calling Esme at home where she had returned after leaving the hospital, but Esme had begun to ignore his calls since he had refused to accept her unwillingness to return. She had already told him what she had learned and had projected for future locations. And they were coming true...

The trail was following the locations where a candidate for the presidency was traveling! By that time, though, there were further problems between Esme and Rafe, her husband, especially since his father was there babysitting and doing every thing possible to make Esme look bad for leaving her family in the first place! But when both the candidate and Galileo came to their home town, there was no longer an option for anyone...

Joshua Corin explores how an individual can be affected by traumatic events in which he has participated and learned too much so that he loses his former belief system. Galileo had left his first message, "If there were a God, He would have stopped me." His reason for doing what he was doing was now logical actions to him. This potentially real-life drama has an underlying message that must be heard, in my opinion. Will anybody listen?

No matter what, this fast-paced thriller is sure to keep readers actively following the action through to the last page, especially the changes in Esme's life!

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