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Review: Davison's Fascinating Techno-Thriller Out In March

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State of Mind

By Sven Michael Davison

State of MindJust the cover of State of Mind can tell you what is coming in this science fiction adventure by Sven Michael Davison. Reading it, however, may give you a feeling of the "big brother" syndrome and is a perfect illustration of the potential future of "our" world. 

I am thoroughly enjoying the new books coming out that prophesy the future based upon where technology can (or could) be. And the date for this one is not too far in the future: 2030. By then you may find that what you remember may not even your memories... 

Right now, the only chip that most of us have heard about is having a location finder implanted. To me this sounds like a pretty good thing, especially for children or the elderly. But by 2030 Drs. Veloso and Morris have won the Nobel Peace prize for eradicating violent crimes in prisons. Soon Nano Technologies Inc., have moved to expand the "Personal Chip." into "the first fully functioning microprocessor that monitors and controls the autonomic, chemical and emotional centers in the brain." 

Before we go any further, just think about that... The ads began to talk about eating anything you wanted, but never gaining weight. And, of course, violence would be almost non-existent... Beginning to sound good to you?

I encourage you to read this book a little slower than a thriller, else you will miss the many "possible" things that are happening. One of the most significant is that nobody will be driving cars, except a few who want to do it or the very rich. Most vehicles will be guided electrically from one point to another and if you were to watch those in neighboring vehicles, you would see them doing just about anything you can imagine, including finishing getting dressed for work. 

As you may have guessed, prisoners were the first humans to test the P-Chips. But as news started circulating, a certain Senator took an interest, thinking that this invention could move America back to the top as a world power. He started talking to the Director of Homeland Security (HLS) who saw a broader, more significant role for the P-Chip, especially his role in its use... 

Jake Travissi was one of the first cops to be implanted. He had had some problems on the police force, so they had given him an opportunity to be implanted and start working with HLS. An elite team was established with Travissi as the commander. Another cop had been implanted and another was considered a "control" so that they could capture photographically what was happening with the Enhanced Unit members. 

For, you see, those implanted with P-chips were doubled up with those who were called God Heads who were centrally located to help the Enhanced Unit most effectively use their chips. 

The chips, by the way, allowed the implanted individuals to talk to each other telepathically. It also allowed them to be wounded and have the body begin working on healing them while the officer continued dealing with those breaking the law. 

But then Travissi started having "Flashes." He would see himself watching as someone was killed, perhaps by a fellow member of his team. He knew he had had major depression due to the deaths of his wife and child, so he wondered if he was experiencing hallucinations caused by that depression. Then he realized that he also could "see" backwards into the site where the God Heads were located. Something was very wrong... 

Sven Michael Davison shows us the good and bad of future technological advances. I would love to see us be able to have vehicles guided by a form of GPS and have the auto accidents decrease to zero. Like the doctors who had first created and experimented with the P-Chips, most technology is created to provide a better world. But technology cannot change those who will use that technology for greed and power. Davison has given us a thrilling expose of what could happen, especially when that technology is controlled by the big brother of today, Homeland Security. As a friend of mine says, Great Stuff! Scifi lovers--it's out in March! Order now! 


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G. A. Bixler


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  1. Cool concept! I will definitely get this book. I wonder if you would be interested in a similar new release about the end of world oil in two weeks. It will be 99 cents as an ebook for another few weeks. The reviews so far love it. Check it out on amazon or