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Review: Amazing Climax Concludes Deadly Portfolio!

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Deadly Portfolio: A Killing in Hedge FundsDeadly Portfolio:

A Killing in Hedge Funds

By John J. Hohn

Money can make some people do crazy things and sometimes you get caught up into thinking it is the basis for happiness--wrong! 

Rene McAllister is one of those women--you know the kind. She's not really liked, but she is married to a nice, successful man and so friends put up with her most of the time. But even her husband realized that he had more friends when Rene wasn't with him...

But everybody still thought it had been an accident when she was found drowned during a holiday party. When it was discovered nobody had seen her, her husband asked everybody to start looking for her, even though most had been ready to leave. 

It was later discovered that only one young man had seen her--actually two individuals near the water. Jeremy Sherman, however, was a suspected user and distributor of drugs and was part of a major investigation. In fact, the local police were being encouraged to close the McAllister death case as an accident so that it would not interfere with that upcoming bust.

Detective James Raker, however, was slowly building a case of murder for Mrs. McAllister, although he was not being supported by higher police officials because of Mr. McAllister's position, as well as other affluent members of that community.

But when Jeremy Sherman is found dead, seemingly by an overdose, Raker finds it all too coincidental and continues to ask those questions that made everybody nervous...

Soon it was discovered that Rene McAllister had lost a half-a-million dollars in a Hedge Fund. Her husband had been preparing for the settlement of her estate and only then had discovered the acquisition and the subsequent loss. Mrs. McAllister had begun to handle her own financial activities and had already started planning to relocate management of her funds. Had she really done something so stupid?

And, if so, then why didn't the financial advisors prevent her from doing so?

McAllister was quick to raise the issue with Mathew Wirth, head of his financial firm. Soon McAllister started talking to Detective Raker, requesting assistance with another type of investigation--forgery?

Detective Raker was ready, he was sure he had the answer to not just Rene McAllister's murder, but to the Sherman death as well, but could he prove it? How much was he willing to put on the line, given nobody seemed to want his answer to what was happening!

John J. Hohn takes us on a journey behind the scenes in the potentially deadly high-finance arena where huge amounts of money can be lost, never to be returned. Are you a risk taker? Maybe not for a Hedge Fund, but do you invest your money for the potential of a high return? Then this financial thriller is a must for you!

I especially enjoyed Detective Raker's character as he took pieces of information and arrived at who the responsible individual was. But nobody will be prepared for the ending--unless you peeked! Hohn's final twist takes his book beyond a great murder mystery/police procedural and into a fascinating fable! You won't want to miss this one!

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G. A. Bixler 

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