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Review: Consider if you will...The First book from Daniel Palmer Out This Month! Free Copy - Check it Out!

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Consider if you will a professional man named Charlie. He's a successful man who now works in a major company since his new program, InVision, proved to be so successful. He now heads the Magellan Team with five senior managers, with whom he does his morning meeting during a brisk walk. He is determined to move up the ladder at SoluCent by knowing when and how to make the important decisions to keep his group functioning at top performance. Of course, it is his managers who really does the dirty jobs like firing anybody who causes the least problem. But everybody knows that it is always the top guy who is responsible...


By Daniel Palmer

One thing Charlie kept to himself. There was mental illness in his family--his father and his brother. His mother cared for his brother and essentially their lives were separated and Charlie liked it that way. He had been hurt many times in his early years and still was somewhat afraid of his brother.

But then his mother was hospitalized and Charlie and his brother were both called there...

DeliriousThat was also about the same time that Ann Pedersen called him...

After explaining who she was and why she had called him, Ann told Charlie that one of the VPs at SoluCent was going to make a presentation at an upcoming meeting to oppose moving forward with InVision. Later she sent him the time, place and agenda. Charlie realized that he had to act fast if he was going to continued to be employed. He did what he thought he had to do--he crashed the meeting between the President and his VPs!

Unfortunately for Charlie, the agenda for that meeting proved to be false... And when he and others tried to find Ann Pedersen, it was discovered that she not only did not work there, but they couldn't find her at all.

He also started finding notes written in his handwriting that were written as if to himself; e.g., "If not yourself, then who can you believe?" (p. 21). Other notes would tell him to look for something at a certain place and when Charlie went to the place, he would find something about which he knew nothing. And then he was led to the body of the SoluCent Security Chief who had been present when he was fired; he was just the first on the murder list he had written, which also included his direct supervisor, the VP that he had been told was not supporting him, and the President!

On the job, an audit of his performance was made. They found he had been visiting porn sites, all showing the access had been made using his badge, network and email. And then an email to a major competitor from Charlie was found!

At first Charlie believed that the corporation itself was trying to set it up to fire him, so that the major money from InVision would not have to be paid to him. But after being closer to his brother because of his mother, he had to remember what his brother had done to him while growing up and wonder. He realized that it was very possible that his being around his brother was causing him just as much stress as it was Charlie!

In desperation, Charlie contacted the only psychiatrist with whom he had ever had contact--his brother's. Of course she would never be able to treat him, but both realized a mutual attraction, and she made the mistake of at least spending time to listen to what was happening. She then tried to refer him to another...

Charlie could not accept that he, too, might have become mentally ill, even with his family relationships. But as he tried to investigate on his own, he finds himself continuing to question if he had experienced job burnout, had become like his father and brother--had become a murderer!

I love psychological suspense, but this book is almost horror, it is scary! For those of us who value control in our lives, we watch this successful man lose his job, be thrust into close contact with an abusive brother and slowly be hunted by, seemingly, another part of himself who is out to kill anybody who has harmed him while taunting him with the results. There is only one way readers can keep up with all of the possibilities, and even then, if you are right (I was), it doesn't matter because each twist makes you reconsider, wonder...and shudder at the possibilities...

If it's not the best I've read, I sure can't think of another as exciting and suspenseful! I promise you--if you like psychological suspense, this is a MUST-READ...and yes, Daniel is Michael Palmer's son, but you'll soon remember Daniel without thinking of his father!

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Extra Bonus - Check out Review and Interview by Ruby Moon-Houldson, writer for Roddenberry.Com, and scifi author:

Earth Realm Reviews!  Note that the review/interview covers four entries due to space limitations:

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  1. Hi Glenda,

    I am someone who likes control in my life, at least the ability to feel I have control!! LOL. This book sounds very interesting indeed!
    Daniel Palmer looks like he will have a hit on his hands.

  2. In many ways, I liked this more than his Dad's work...but I have one to review for him too, so I'll probably change my know, "my favorite book is the one I'm reading right now..."

    Talk to you soon!

  3. I did enjoy this book. I am reading his father's upcoming February book release..A Heartbeat Away. Daniel is more "technical and computeristic" in his work as his father is more "scientific" along the human body path. So they are each their own writer and have wonderful stories to share with us. Either way, you can't lose when you pick up Daniel's book or Micheal's books.

    Ruby Moon-Houldson

  4. I've never actually read any of Micheal's books.
    LOL, I would agree...if I am currently reading something, it usually is my current favorite!

  5. G.A., thanks for such a great review! I'm posting on here to offer my thanks-- you don't have to enter me into the contest. I appreciate your well-thought-out critique of Delirious. I look forward to sending you my next novel!

  6. Hey, cool! Thanks for comments to Daniel and I'll look forward to reading your next book!

    Ruby, I have Michael's too, so want to share your review again, like last time?

    Karin...You will be reading this book soon! Will contact you for address!

    Thanks everybody!

  7. Maybe once I finish reading Daniel's book he would be up for an interview (on my blog).....