Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Review: Upcountry - Sometimes Murder Can Be Wonderful!


By R. M. Doyon

It's strange to claim that a book is wonderful when the two main characters are involved in murder. But I'm saying it--this book is beautifully written and beautiful to read. Upcountry by R. M. Doyon was inspired by true events and Doyon has created characters that come alive as if the activities are happening as we read. There is no way readers will not be immediately pulled into the story and claiming your full attention right to the very last page. Somehow I predicted what that ending would be, but it still left me smiling and content when I closed the book! If you love true-life drama, you are going to love Upcountry.

Upcountry: A NovelOn the other hand, this book is so intertwined and full of secrets that it is hard to share the storyline without giving too much away, so I'm choosing to share about the characters.

Jane and Joanne are fraternal twin sisters. Joanne stayed at home and married right out of high school, while Jane left their home town, working her way into a high position handling PR for the Governor of the State and assisting him to run for the presidency of the United States.

Their father is living next door to Joanne; their mother died of cancer. Her funeral was one of the few times that brought Jane back home, but not for long. Jane had purposely pulled away from the family and the pain and anger she had felt in her hometown.

But once again, her Dad had sent her a holiday card, as he had done for every single holiday since she had left, and for this Thanksgiving, she decided to visit the family, rather than spend the time with her lover, who had planned to seek her commitment to marriage during their time together.

Her coming home did not just disrupt those potential plans, however. Before the Thanksgiving day was over, Jane had committed murder!

And when she grabbed the shotgun to leave, she took her sister with her! During their time moving away from the scene of the crime, Joanne played and sang in a bar, Jane used the shotgun to bust into an amusement park where the twins rode all of the rides before escaping from the police who were coming, and Joanne drove a snowmobile away from the cabin where they had been staying, directly toward the four police cars coming, which included a high jump over the last car on the road!

But there were more tears than thrills as the two sisters shared the secrets that had kept them apart for so long...

This is a special book that I hope you don't miss! It's about family, forgiveness, and love measured against the evil that lives within some of those people we share our lives with. It's a good triumphs type of book, with all the issues tied up in a bow when you finish, even if some of the packages bring sorrow rather than joy... Highly recommended for all and a perfect book to read during the start of this New Year!

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