Monday, May 30, 2011

Love daytime drama? Find it all in Bittersweet House!

Bittersweet House

By Liz Barzda

I was watching "The Talk" recently when Susan Lucci appeared to both promote her book, All My Life: A Memoir, and share about the closing of the drama in which she has played for years. There isn't anybody who doesn't know Lucci, even if they've never watched the drama. That day I was reading Bittersweet House by Liz Barzda and found myself casting Lucci as one of the female characters in her book. For certainly, this story has the sophisticated, never-ending drama for which daytime TV is known...

At first, I thought of her as Katherine, who owns an elite luxurious spa which she has just expanded, leaving her worried about money, wanting her lover to ask his rich father for a loan, and, if all else fails, threatening to go to the mafia for the half-million she needs.

Or she could also play Zita Parker who owns an advertising agency, now single since her ex left her for a younger woman, after they had been trying for years and spent much money to pay for medical procedures to help Zita get pregnant...

Bittersweet House
Zita and Katherine are two of the four women who have been friends for more than a decade and have referred to themselves as the Barren Babes. Sometimes they share jokingly about their never having children, but most of the time, they share the pain and frustration each has felt...

Margaret as the oldest has become somewhat of a counselor for the others. Though childless, she and her husband have a loving relationship and both have successful professional careers that have been fulfilling. Margaret's sister had died young and she asked her sister to watch over her young son, so Margaret and her husband have take that responsibility to heart over the years and now look to help fund his college years as he plans to become an architect. But a young woman has other plans for this young man...

But, when decision-making time came for casting Lucci, I found I chose her to play Linda, the beautiful anchor on a local television station who has for many years allowed her husband to convince her that starting a family should be delayed until they were both professionally and financially secure.

And that was accepted, although not happily, by Linda. Now she was older and realized her child-bearing years were flying by. Still everybody, including her friends, looked to Linda and her husband as the perfect loving couple--even Linda was fooled!

Until the day she got a call from a woman who was screaming to talk to her husband. As they talked, Linda realized that this woman had a right to call him--and soon learned that his son was in the hospital and his mother was begging for Linda's husband to come! Later Linda learned that her husband had been involved for  over two years and he was supporting his other family through a trust fund that had never been used in support of their marriage.

Now you've met the Barren Babes--four professional women who wanted it all, including children. Have they put too much of their lives toward their personal careers so that, now, they are overwhelmed when their personal lives seem to be falling apart? When husbands betray, can women afford to risk being hurt again? Or must they finally and totally accept that women just can't have it all?

Revenge, blackmail, death, depression, one night stands all await you as you become privy to the lives of those living inside and out of Bittersweet House. Will their drama have any chance of including love, redemption and hope? It's all here waiting for you! Spend a quiet weekend getting to know the Barren Babes... Let me know if you agree that Lucci should play the lead character--wonder what "she" would do when her husband betrayed their marriage!

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