Thursday, June 2, 2011

Can A "Revival" Come From A Book?

I think Silas looks like the one on
the left. Both are Chows

Corinthia Falls   

By Kim Hutson

No matter what you do in your daily walk, I think everybody needs a revival occasionally, don't you? Can it come in a book? Yes, if it is Corinthia Falls! Even though it is fiction, you may find a similar rejoicing if you "experience" what happened to a little town in Oklahoma...

The first part of the book is shared by Timothy Oaks who was going to enter his final year of high school when the story begins. His friends call him Timber. He plays golf, although there is no golf course at school or in town. He has three friends, TJ, Anthony and Becky--more about them later...

Corinthia FallsThere is only one church in this town. It is large enough to seat about 300, but those who attend seem to fill the whole building. One side of downstairs is filled with those who are known as charismatics; Tim and his friends call them the "Standers." The other side of downstairs is filled with the "Setters." You can imagine why, I am sure. Upstairs in the balcony, most of the students and other adults who don't or won't take sides congregate.

TJ is the son of the minister. TJ plays basketball. You guessed it--no high school or town facility. He plays alone with one hoop in the old gym; sometimes Tim joins him. Tim's father owns a gas/deli/restaurant, a central gathering place for the town and where all of the teens work part-time.

The town is a popular tourist place, having a beautiful lake nearby, still it is not a thriving town and many buildings are vacant.

The leaders of the church had joined an organization that pulled small churches together so that they could support one another.  Colonel Pavlos Lincoln Armstrong, an ex-green beret had created and now led that organization. The Colonel was coming to town. Practically the first thing he did, after he had walked into the church and told everybody to leave that day, was to close and lock it, placing a guard there. That guard is a very important character in the book, whose name was Silas. From a distance when he was down on all fours, or when he got up on his hind legs, he resembled a bear, and appeared just as dangerous. Nobody tried to get past Silas...

The Colonel preached to a standing crowd in the parking lot on that following Sunday!

And soon small, and large, miracles started to happen, among them that Tim, TJ and Anthony, committed their lives to work for the Colonel's group!

The second part of the book is shared by a writer who was working on a biography of Timothy and takes place when all of the teens are now middle-aged...and the miracles continue.

The things that happened might not be truly miracles...but in today's world, what was happening throughout this book surely shows the evidence of individuals who allow God to work through them. In many ways, I'd like to have seen the book as two separate books. The first half is a powerful storyline. It leaves readers upbeat and enthusiastic. The second half, though, shows enthusiasm fulfilled as readers see the lives that were affected when  a traveling evangelist visited Corinthia Falls!

Need a jump-start? Highly recommended to provide that for your personal life. Hutson presents us with a wonderful book showing a world that many of us would like it to be.  And he doesn't leave us when it finishes--he refers us to web sites that represent...a beginning...if you only dare...

Throughout the book, you'll hear much about singing "When the Saints..." Don't be surprised if you can't get the song out of your head for days! The jump-start worked for me; I pray it does for you too!

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  1. This sounds like an interesting book. I'm a believer in miracles and divine intervention. Silas sounds like an unusual character.

  2. Gail, if you don't mind crying a lot... LOL...especially in part 1...and then I'd laugh at how the evangelist worked to get the people together... I thought after I wrote the review that some of the things that happened wouldn't be described as coincidence if the book was not fiction...I've had some "small" miracles in my life and know who created them too! Thanks for feedback...