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Time Traveler to Civil War Era Creates Delightful and Humorous Romantic Suspense!

The Nation's Police Officers killed in the lin...Image by Livsafe via Flickr
Mike's Partner and Brother-in-Law, Killed in Line of Duty,
resulted in Mike selling his soul to save him...

Some Like It


By Deb Stover

I loved the storyline for Some Like It Hotter! First the reader is in the midst of a police activity where one of the officers is killed...and then suddenly we are time traveling back over 100 years...

Why? All because of a "deal with the devil"...

Well, that is not exactly right. It was more a deal with a demon. And, consider this, the demon is not on great terms with the devil! After all, the demon had recently tried to tell the devil that he could do a better job of know where...LOL!  So, watch "Slick" and read him carefully and you just might be able to predict the end of the story! I did not... And it's a cool ending!

Some Like It HotterMike Faricy is a detective with the local police and was on a stakeout with Barney, his partner,  trying to learn more about the Druglord Milton and his men. Suddenly action starts and the two officers give chase and Barney is killed. Mike and Barney are not just partners. Barney is married to Mike's sister Carrie and a child is coming. When Mike realizes that Barney is dead, his immediate thought was for his sister and the baby. But then more of Milton's men came and Mike had to run for his life. Finally he came to a long-time vacated home that was said to be haunted and he entered, hoping that the men would not think of following him there.

As he waited, he heard something--music! It stopped and then began again, definitely piano music, but Mike knew there was nobody living in this old house. And that's when he met Slick... The negotiations began. Mike wanted Barney to be alive; Slick wanted Mike's soul... Bargain accepted. Time moved backwards...

There in the same building, Abigail Kingsley and her friend/maid Rosalie found Mike sprawled out on the floor in the great hall. The Civil War had ended, but for Abigail, the effects would go on for much longer. All of her family had been killed. The slaves had been freed; Rosalie had stayed because she had always been part of the family's life. They were near starvation and both Abigail and Rosalie were eating even less so that Wade would have enough to eat. Wade was Abigail's son.

Once Mike had put things together and realized that he had moved back in time, he realized that in other to fulfill his part of the bargain, he was going to have to kill the ancestor of the Druglord so that, in essence, Barney's death would never occur. Yes, quite an elaborate scheme; Slick admitted he was enjoying setting up the event! From time to time, he even would give hints as to how Mike could find Milton.

What was not part of Mike's plan was to be attracted to Abigail and ultimately to fall in love...

And Abigail surely wasn't looking for somebody to love; in fact she was terrified of men after what had been done to her years ago.

You're going to be reading about a great romance with some steamy scenes. What I most enjoyed, however, was seeing a character being thrown back into an earlier century and seeing him adjust to the loss of conveniences--learning how to milk a cow, fishing before every meal in order to have food, not having any money because what he had was not "real" and definitely no credit cards accepted!

As mentioned earlier I also enjoyed the interface between Mike and Slick. Mike was not willing to assume that he was going to die and, if he was, he visited his local church to prepare!

This was a page turner for's a different type of suspense when you are following a man who is trying to fulfill his bargain with the devil...Sure makes you realize that you'd better not act quickly to do so! LOL A thoroughly enjoyable and unique book...Highly recommended!

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  1. Loved this story! Funny. Heartwarming. And I too was taken by surprise at the end. A very rare (and most welcomed) experience for me.


  2. So glad you enjoyed my "Dirty Harry Meets Scarlett O'Hara" story. Your review is fun to read. Thanks!

  3. This does sound intriguing. And I love the mix of Dirty Harry and Scarlett. Very cool.

  4. Nina...we are obviously kindred souls...or both just reading a great book! LOL any more along the lines of this storyline? I've love to read more... can't go wrong with this one! If you disagree, I'll reimburse you, I'm that confident!