Monday, June 13, 2011

The Seraph Seal

By Leonard Sweet
      Lori Wagner

Informative, intriguing, exciting, joyful!...

By far, the most impressive apocalyptic novel I've read...

Read the "Alphabet of the Apocalypse: Reading the Signs of the Times" first to begin to "feel" the story...

The Seraph SealEver since I read The Late Great Planet Earth, I've been a believer. But unlike others when his time projection passed, that did not affect my belief. That author, like this one, is attempting to share the wonderful story of the end of our world. Wonderful? You are probably thinking I'm an end-times nut now, well that's ok too. I don't mind. Scientifically, however, I'm willing to accept that dates are never going to be accurate. But then again, who knows--we may never know when the time will be--until it is...

What I will say, though, is that The Seraph Seal is by far the most outstanding in its presentation of historical material, while providing an exciting, thrilling novel with an ending that at first threw me off, but then settled in to ensure an hypothesis that will satisfy even the most avid scifi time traveling fans out there...

Next year, 2012, will mark the beginning...

One interesting twist for me was the assumption that there would actually be eight horsemen. Those of us who constantly watch the battle between good and evil will instantly see the rationale behind this possibility. In December, 2012, on the exact day and at the exact time, 8 children will be born. They will all bear a birthmark, 2 representing earth, 2 representing water, 2 representing fire, and 2 representing air. But another child will also be born at that time; this is his story.

Paul Binder was born in West Virginia. When he was just born, his mother received a message that his name was to be Paul... He had been chosen... A key accompanied that message...

In 2048, Paul was a professor of history and cultural semiotics at the University of Virginia. Although he was very knowledgeable about the religions of the world, he, as well as most USAmericans, no longer practiced Christianity. Those who did were part of an underground society.

Matthew Serafino was then the USAmerica president. He bore a birthmark on his leg...
As a lover of futuristic advancements, I must commend the authors on the 2048 world created. The Cloud for many of us had been expanded and the concept of an earring potentially being an automatic access to the Internet and other communications do not seem to be far away in thought--but seeing the actual use within the novel was an exciting addition.

On the other hand, the world of 2048 is told in such a clearly scientific manner that readers will easily follow and see how decisions could bring about the resulted world as presented. For instance, with the need to move away from the need for oil, alternative fuels have been developed using, for instance, corn. It is easy to project the effect on the poor people of the world, still needing food. But in 2048, there is only one God--Power. And feeding the poor really is of minor concern...

USAmerica is no longer a leading, powerful country. For many of us, that also is not surprising. Reading it as it could be, however, is stunningly surreal!

In any event, in 2048, Paul Binder receives a letter, handwritten, letting him know "The Time of Becoming has now reached fruition. Locate the manuscript of the Diatessaron. You have been chosen to unlock the future of your world..." (p. 9)

Imagine, if you would, something happening so that the sun is moving, getting closer and closer

And the adventure begins! The difference, readers, is that there has been stories written, studied and shared about this event for thousands of years. This is not just another fiction novel. Or is it? If so, it is an extraordinary novel that I consider a must-read for those looking for mystery, suspense, action and adventure. For those who want to read an up-to-date well researched and documented apocalyptic collection, this book has an excellent and extensive appendix of materials, including graphic references which is an instructional tool like none I've seen in novel form.

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  1. Very interesting, thanks! If you review my book, Revelation: The Way it Happened, I bet you find it's the exact opposite of this book in every way.

  2. Glenda: thx! for understanding that I'm not trying to write a commentary on the Book of Revelation, but a novel based on semiotics and scenario thinking. You've written my favorite review so far.

  3. Some of the descriptions were drawn out so much that a reader easily loses focus and gets bored. Paul Binder, the main character, is a cultural history professor who is "the Chosen one" to decipher the clues to tell the world that the end of the world has come. The book is set in 2012, when Paul and Angela are born, and in 2048, when they meet and begin deciphering the clues to the puzzle.