Saturday, June 11, 2011

Poetry and Adolfo...

Memorial Day, 2011

Adolph Caso

Rhododendrons abounding
In full bloom along the graveyard
With stones going back:
from the Revolution
to the Civil War
and from World War II
to the present conflict:
Our emotions registering
Over the names of each fallen brave
Kept close to our hearts
By our right hands
In sync with the rhythm
Of the Star Spangled Banner,
How the Revolution
Created the nation,
How its Civil War
Preserved it,
And how the second war
saved the world
From threats
By Communists and Nazi.

With the mention
of the fallen from Iraq,
The metaphor of the madras
Ripped my heart apart
Envisioning the next conflict
To save and preserve the human soul,
in view of the gatherers,
that America will,
once again
come through
to fulfill the incipient principles
on which this country was founded.

Wingless Flight

Adolph Caso

If you had wings
I could not teach you
How to fly,
Even if one loves
And the other does not.
or better,
if both are in love.

Birds soaring toward heaven
On wings spread wide
Never reach it
No matter how hard they try.

When two people fall in love
Comes down to them
And teaching how to love
All but becomes un-necessary.

Not possible to birds,
Wingless flights
Will abound,
Each time,
We truly fall in love!

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