Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Family Drama on Death and Dying Leads to Joyful End!

Megan carried what she needed to
the ritual in her hippie bag...Holly found
what she had carried the night she died...
Megan's Way

By Melissa Foster

A Tearjerker...

Love, Friendship, Joy

I never try to think what a new book may be about before I pick it up to read. From the front cover I knew it must be spiritual, but I just wasn't prepared for the tears... Actually, I don't think you can prepare for crying but I used to try sometime...I wouldn't watch movies that I thought would bring tears...wouldn't attend public events where I might cry... To me, tears were indicative of my period of job burnout--a time when my body and mind had just had experienced so much that all I could do was cry. That's been years ago though I still cry easily but today's tear are normally those of joy. Quite a different set of feelings...

In Melissa Foster's book, I found the joy and cleansing of tears... How beautiful!

Megan's WayMegan was dying. Her cancer had moved into her bones and there was nothing that could be done. The doctor had given her a variety of pills that would help reduce pain and prolong life, but death was still soon...

The only concern Megan had was for her daughter, Olivia. She had already made arrangements for her to be adopted by her best friends Holly and Jack. They, together with Peter, had been friends of Megan since long before she had a daughter. In many ways, they were much closer than family and loved and depended upon each other so much. It was natural that Megan had turned to them to ensure Olivia would be cared for.

But there were other reasons why Megan turned to Holly and Jack. Secrets that she had never shared with anybody.

The problem was that all three of her friends also had secrets that could now come to the surface in ways that could affect the rest of their lives... Holly, Jack and Peter were not only losing their beloved friend, they could potentially lose even more!

Megan was a single Mom. She had tossed out possibilities of who might have been the father, but had never shared it. Often, because of her illness, she would realize a need to explain the relationship with her daughter, so finally she wrote a letter explaining everything and hid it away. In the meantime, she had decided to stop taking her pills. It had been so bad, so hard for Olivia when she had first been diagnosed and treated, now, with no hope, she just wanted to save Olivia from  the pain and anger which could extend for months and months...

Not a unique drama. This story plays itself over and over across the world and will continue to do so. It is the people, the characters involved in such a drama that makes just another story something that is more--more beautiful, more real, more naturally realistic. Foster has created a set of characters that we all must come to know. Becoming a Finalist in the Indie Book Awards is not a surprise. There is no way this book would not be separated out as special, fulfilling a need in all of us to know more about death and dying...and how we may find our own way to accept and overcome it! Foster takes us into the potential supernatural aspect of an individual's own will and then permitted fate to appear beyond that...allowing the Holy One of their Ritual to smooth out the edges that remained...

A truly joyful book...A Real tearjerker, like I said! One I consider a must-read for teens on up!

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  1. Thank you for the lovely review, Glenda! I'm so happy that you found time to read about Megan's journey. They're making it into a film this summer, and I truly hope the emotions play perfectly across the big screen.


  2. Excellent review Glenda. Megan's Way takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of very real emotions and offers such valuable life lessons to all of us. Melissa Foster has a wonderful way with words and I've just downloaded her next novel, Chasing Amanda as my next read.

  3. Good to know they're going forward with the film. I think it's a story that would play really well on the screen.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Pat, and for the kind comment.

  5. Thanks so much everybody for your feedback! Melissa, I'm trying hard to get to the point where I can turn to your next book...I'm already confident that I'll enjoy it...

    Patricia, it's good to hear comparable remarks from another reader!

    Sheila, I, too, would like to see the movie version, especially the ritual...