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First in Reincarnationist Series Burns Hot and Fast!

Phoenix depicted in the book of mythological creatures
by F.J. Bertuch (1747-1822).


By M. J. Rose

Rose ( has been featured in Oprah Magazine, the New York Times, Newsweek, Time, USA Today, The Boston Globe, the Today Show, and NPR radio. She has published eleven novels, and since 2005 has run the first marketing company for authors:  She is the Keynote speaker for the upcoming South Carolina Writers Conference in the fall, and a founding board member of International Thriller Writers.  She lives in CT.

M. J. Rose has a winning series, starting with The Reincarnationist. Watch for my reviews of The Memorist and The Hypnotist, the latest. I loved the mysticism, the "potential," as well as the exploration of architectural sites from our past and the suspenseful, intriguing mysteries that this first novel provided. I just knew I would, especially when Douglas Preston said, "I'm sick with envy I didn't think of it myself." To me that ensured I would be a fan!

Josh Ryder was hurt when a bomb exploded. At first he thought that injury had led to hallucinations. But his emotions were totally involved and it seemed that what he was experiencing were actually memories. The memories seem to be ancient and much of what he recalled was about gods that existed prior to the time of Christianity.

The Reincarnationist
When he could no longer deal with what was happening to him on his own, he sought out representatives of The Phoenix Foundation, a group dedicated to the study and support of individuals who seem to be experiencing past-life activities.

Although the group only served children, Josh had explained his interest in learning more about their activities. As a photojournalist he was allowed to enter into discussions and had been working along side with the professional leaders and even with some of the children. It was through this group that Josh learned of a new archaeological dig in Rome.

When he arrived in Italy, although scheduled to meet with the Professor in charge of the dig, he became so agitated that he left his hotel,  and without knowing where the dig was, soon found that he had walked there! Meeting the Professor, he shared what was happening to him and was invited to enter down into what the Professor believed to have been an underground room, a gravesite. He believed it had been a tomb where a vestal virgin for a pagan religion had been buried alive there in that cell.

As soon as Josh had entered, he saw her there in a corner where she must have been digging, trying to escape. Sabina! Josh was moving back and forth between ancient times and the present. One thing he knew, he had been in this space before. He knew the woman that had been buried here. He also knew that he had loved her and that they had shared a secret love affair. She had been buried because he had made love to the head vestal virgin. She was going to have a baby and that was punishable by death!

Then something very strange happened to Josh. He saw that she appeared to have been digging in a certain wall and before the Professor could stop him, Josh went to that corner and using his own hands dug deep, so deep that he couldn't turn or barely move, but he had found what he was apparently supposed to find, a skeleton was buried there.

Suddenly Josh heard two voices arguing. The Professor was in trouble, but Josh couldn't get out to help him. Finally he calmed enough to realize he would have to crawl backwards to get out. By the time he was coming to the opening, he saw the men fighting, one grabbed a box that was held by Sabina (The Professor had called her Bella...) and stole what was inside, destroying the box. Still trying to stop the man from taking anything from the tomb, the Professor was shot. Josh had not been able to reach him fast enough to save his being hurt, but he did reach him to call for help and minister to him, saving his life. Unfortunately he later died from complications...

But that was already the second to die, for the man had already killed the guard who was supposed to be there and had posed in his place in order to steal what was believed to be in that box... Do you believe in reincarnation? Then you might want what was in that box too! The novel moves on to another murder, break-ins, kidnapping and find the treasure that would allow the owner...

Read this exciting novel and watch for the next two reviews in this series coming soon! This author added to my must-read list...

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The Memorist (The Reincarnationist)The Hypnotist (The Reincarnationist)Reviews Coming Soon!

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