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Latest in Reincarnationist Series Leaves Me Hungry For More...

By M. J. Rose

Rose ( has been featured in Oprah Magazine, the New York Times, Newsweek, Time, USA Today, The Boston Globe, the Today Show, and NPR radio. She has published eleven novels, and since 2005 has run the first marketing company for authors:  She is the Keynote speaker for the upcoming South Carolina Writers Conference in the fall, and a founding board member of International Thriller Writers.  She lives in CT. 

I love book series. Sometimes I wonder whether the author purposefully works to have each new book be "the best" or whether, as a reader, we just become so involved in the story line and characters, that we more easily are enthralled. Two things happened in the third book of The Reincarnationist series that totally blew me away! At least for me, I am now hoping that the series continues; I'm not ready for this to end!

The great thing that happened was that the FBI agent who had been only one of the two characters continued in all books, became the lead in The Hypnotist--in practically every way possible, including romantically. At the same time, the man known as The Reincarnationist took a back seat to most of the action and was even discredited within The Phoenix Foundation. This latter action caused my thirst for more--surely we will see the end of his long sought after obsessive goal. In short I want to see his story concluded...

The Hypnotist (The Reincarnationist)We had learned that Lucian Glass was an art student when the love of his life was murdered. After that he had dropped out of school  and moved into law enforcement. With his background, however, he was now a major investigator on the FBI's Art Crime Team.

Earlier case activities that involved items related to the possibility of reincarnation had brought about a somewhat obsessive need to convict The Reincarnationist of at least instigating theft and murder even if he had not personally been involved. Glass' trip to Vienna, in The Memorist, had an unexpected outcome for him however. Glass had received a head injury that had forced some time off.

Though now back at work, Lucian has been having headaches and terrible nightmares. The dreams are so disturbing they wake him and he must get up. The vision of a woman is so demanding that he found he needed to start drawing her. Page after page is completed, trying to create a perfect image of the woman in his dream.

But there is more than one woman...

And each one reveals their terror, pain and fear...

At the same time, word is received that the head of The Memorist society in Vienna has been murdered. The investigation revolves around an apparent list of "memory tools." Glass is convinced that Malachai is once again involved. But he has a new and different plan by which he wants to approach this latest theft. Glass wants to seek the services of a new member of The Phoenix Foundation--one who works with adults who believe they are experiencing past-life activities. Glass plans to pretend to be willing to be hypnotized, while he  works with his doctor within the Foundation's building, thus gaining him an inside position which might lead to learning more.

However, Glass is unable to resist the hypnotic trances!

And he soon finds two of the women about whom he has been dreaming and identifies his past role in each of their lives!

Two different events bring Lucian's investigations to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ultimately, both involved a very old chryselephantine sculpture that had been at the Museum for years. However, a new display was being worked on and publicity had resulted in a demand from Iran that the sculpture, which had been stolen from them, should be returned. Thus far, the paperwork presented had not been authentic proof of that claim.

At the same time, another demand was made to the Museum. It came with a famous painting that had been destroyed. The painting had been originally donated and belonged to the Museum but had been stolen. This individual offered to return four other stolen items in exchange for the sculpture, called Hypnos, the personification of sleep from Greek mythology. Why would somebody willingly exchange paintings worth millions of dollars for a sculpture that was worth much less?

If our lives through reincarnation were so closely woven that past histories would lead to, and affect, what was happening in today's world, it would truly be a fascinating world, don't you think? M. J. Rose has merged the past so intricately into the present, to solve today's crimes, that you might almost believe The Hypnotist is indeed just the journal of the lives lived by Lucian Glass and how knowledge of his earlier lives led to his being the man who became the hero in solving today's crimes! Rose's challenge was to make us feel the potential--she's done a magnificent job, especially in her latest book in this series! Highly recommended!

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  1. this sounds like a fascinating book -- thanks for the great review, Glenda :-)

  2. Thanks for the review. I have not read one of her books for a while, but this definitely peaked my interest. May go back and start at the beginning of the series.

    And thanks for following my blog. I'm glad you did, so I could come and find yours.