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Rhys Flint Takes Readers Deep Into Criminal World in Fast-Action Kross Out!

As usual, the old woman came out at 2: 47 pm. Trey was in, he held the door open for her and entered the building. On his way in, he collided with someone leaving. He bumped into her, and papers flew all over the place. His envelope slid across the floor. 
Trey looked up and was left momentarily speechless. This must have been the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. She had coffee colored skin and looked to be about 5’ 7 tall with jet black hair pulled into a bun. The most striking thing about this woman was her eyes; they looked to be a bluish-green color against her skin. The Chanel suit she was wearing hugged her body to perfection. 
“You idiot!” She quietly yelled while stooping to pick up the papers. “Watch where you’re going. You almost ran me over!”
Trey stumbled clumsily as he helped the woman pick up her papers, which was the least he could do to apologize for not watching where he was going. “I apologize ma’am. I didn’t see you. I’m new, and I didn’t know how the door would open.” Trey answered regaining his composure. 
“See that it doesn’t happen again.” She said standing up. 
Trey caught another quick glance as he reached to pick up his parcel. As he bent down, he noticed her feet. They were beautiful, painted with a pink-tipped French pedicure encased in Gucci open toed alligator pumps. 
“Don’t let it happen again, peon!” She rudely replied. 
Trey thought she was a beautiful woman, but she had a razor sharp tongue, and that was a turnoff for most men. Trey saw it as a sign of strength. As she stood and prepared to leave, Trey was able to get the full view of her amazing body from head to toe. “Damn!” He mumbled as he stood to his full height of 6’3...

Kross Out

By Rhys Flint

No, I'm not a fan of the criminal life, but I am a fan of action and suspense stories and this one moves fast, even while it's written at a steady pace...Once you meet Devon, you'll understand what I mean by that. You see, he's a paid assassin, and his plans are meticulously planned and carried out. In fact, everything was moving to plan on his latest assignment, when he literally bumped into...her...

She wanted a man with an edge
 and adventure. She wanted to be
 a little reckless with a man that
 could handle her, literally.
And while I'm talking about...her...I might add that she felt quite different about him when she met him the next time. Of course, the setting was changed and his clothes and manner revealed him to be someone "worth her attention" LOL. At least that's the kind of woman she presented. What she was really thinking? Well, readers will find that out. Actually, however, Devon was taking a chance--would she remember him from the first time they met, bumping into each other in a hallway...she in a hurry as the busy executive she was...he on his way to complete his latest assignment.

Portia keeps Devon's interest but she doesn't have much more of a role in this the first book... Soooo, forewarning. This is a cliff hanger and it does leave you hanging. I was disappointed. Still the book is well written, has many exciting action activities and there is a second book coming...if you can wait...LOL... And I think it is worth waiting, especially for those who enjoy Urban Fiction/Street Lit...

Kross Out (The Kross Out Series Book 1) by [Flint, Rhys]All of the characters in the book are involved, in one way or another, as part of the underground. Devon could not help thinking about the fine woman he had just met... He had recognized a spark of interest in her, even if she had thought he was a delivery man, unworthy of her interest... He knew his looks came from his Cuban father and that many women found him

attractive.. Who is my lookalike playing Devin??!
Devin Kross was a successful attorney with a thriving practice in Atlanta, Georgia by day. He specialized in criminal law, and he was damn good at what he did. He was also damn good at killing, which is why people paid him so well to take care of their unwanted problems. After returning the rental, Devin headed towards the airport terminal to wait for his plane’s arrival. He thought back on the job and vowed to tighten up. He’d made some crucial errors today, one being bumping into that woman and attracting unwanted attention. That could cause problems later because she could in some way identify him, even through his disguise. He checked his luggage and made his way to the lounge. He changed clothes, and he felt comfortable in his tan Polo slacks, camel hair Polo Red Label sweater and Ferragamo loafers. Looking at Devin now you would never guess he was anything other than a successful attorney...

When he found his seat, he looked next to him and saw the damn woman from the building. She was absorbed in an e-mail and didn’t notice him when he sat down next to her, so it gave him a chance to really look at her. She had a light caramel complexion with a dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her hair was in a high ponytail,
unlike the bun-type do that she was wearing earlier. He could see now that it was soft and wavy. She was a true classic beauty. 
Devin could tell she was either mixed or of Creole heritage. The Chanel suit she wore did little to hide the fact that she had a banging body, even though she was sitting down. As his eyes traveled down her legs, he noticed that she was barefoot and wearing toe rings, one on each middle toe. She had beautiful feet, and they were perfectly pedicured, a sign that let Devin know there was more to her than her Ice Queen image.

So while Devon and Portia play at getting together, Devon is handling an important case for "Flacco" a local drug dealer who has been pulled in for possession, although Devon assured him it was a weak case and he'd be out quickly...  

Readers will discover that Flacco's got more juice than even he realized, when a contact from South America pulls him in for a little surprise. 

I've got to admit that it's a little hard to follow the players and their various connections, so full attention is required as first someone calls for help from Devon and then find out that she has a connection that could cause problems... I knew who was doing what, but you'll have to read it to get the various characters sorted out and then who their local and distant ties are with, especially with a major cartel and a heavy kingpin.

And there is...poor Devin...getting caught in various assignments that are totally unexpected and, for the first time, causing him inner turmoil...

Where does loyalty lie among criminals? Do you stick with who you've known and worked with? Or do you accept what you're now being told...and offered...? Now you can see how Flint did indeed leave us hanging.

Nevertheless, the twists in this book are numerous and the emotional impact becomes heavy when some of the female characters are caught in terrible situations... Then there's the parents who robbed one of the houses that belonged to their son...LOL... Well, you get the idea... Enjoy this one 'cause you'll never know what is coming around the corner...or what weapons they'll be carrying...


An image posted by the author.Rhys Flint is from Atlanta Georgia. He lives in northern California with his wife and family. His Passion for writing started in college where he wrote short stories mainly as a pastime. His hobbies include ; sports, Mixed martial arts, travel and networking. His latest novels include the highly addictive Kross series and Juug men. CEO at RHYSWORLD PUBLISHING, Rhys And his team are committed to bringing the most exciting novels to readers of all genres.

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