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Crested Butte Cowboys Series Book 1, And Then You Fall, by Heather A. Buchman Offers Spotlight on GB Leighton!

Certain song titles and lyrics in this book are by
 GB Leighton and are reproduced by permission.
Actual songs here selected randomly at BRH

Liv picked up her tablet and hit replay on the song coming through the wireless speakers. She intended to set the tablet back down on the ledge in the barn, but hesitated, picked it back up, and scrolled through a social media feed. It took her a minute to zip through the hundred new posts. There was nothing from the only person she hoped for. Why would there be? It was ten in the morning. Liv had checked at least four times in as many hours. What rock star was on social media between midnight and noon? Logical, but it didn’t stop her from looking. Besides, he would never define himself that way. Just a working musician, he’d say. He might even admit to being a songwriter. And a dad. Not that she’d be having a conversation with him. 
A car pulled up outside the barn as she tapped the screen to check another social media site, also for the fourth time that morning. “Aren’t you getting tired of listening to this? It’s time for a new playlist.” Paige Cochran planted her heels in the dirt to shift the heavy barn door open. As usual, Paige dressed more as though she was going to a high-powered meeting at the investment firm she consulted for, not to visit her best friend’s barn. 
“But I love this song,” Liv muttered as she flicked through the playlists for something else to listen to. “Here’s the thing—”
“Don’t say it. I can listen to whatever the hell I want to in my own damn barn.”
 “A little testy this morning?”
 “I’m sick of people complaining about my music,” Liv growled. “People? What people? Who have you seen in the last few days other than Pooh and Micah?” 
Pooh was a fourteen-year-old sweetheart of a mare. The quarter horse belonged to Liv’s twenty-one-year-old daughter, who stood firm on the name Pooh when they’d gotten the horse when she was ten. “You don’t know Winnie the Pooh is a boy. He might be a girl.” Renie, short for Irene, informed her, not realizing the slip in her own words. 
“You’re right,” Liv had answered, rolling her eyes. “He may be a she. What was I thinking?”
 The other horse, Micah, was Liv’s baby. The four-year-old appaloosa gelding showed promise as a barrel racer. Liv didn’t want to part with him for proper training, and she couldn’t train him herself. Those days were over for her. They had been since before Renie was born. 
“You didn’t answer me. What’s going on?”
“Nothing. I’m getting tired of my own company. I’m bored, and sick of the cold weather.”

And Then You Fall:
Crested Butte Cowboys Series

By Heather A. Buchman

Really enjoyed being introduced to both a new author and a new country singer, to me, all tied up in one package! The book includes selected songs and lyrics to complement the story (while I selected what was available online to give you the experience).

All I Want is You 
Your breath and your heart 
The way that you’re smart 
The charm of your tease 
When you make me say please 
Your eyes and your hair 
The look of your stare 
You make my soul lift higher 
You set my love on fire Baby, 
every word I say is true 
All I want is your mouth, 
and your lips 
And your soft fingertips, 
The curve of your spine 
Well it’s gotta be mine 
The warmth of your kiss 
When we’re lying like this 
The heat of your touch 
Well it’s never too much 
You make my heart beat wild 
Turn me into child 
Where the hell would I be without you
 The soft skin on your bones 
And the smile I would own 
When the blood in my veins flows 
With all that remains of doom. 
All I want is you.
 —GB Leighton

The man, and his music,
made her quiver.
She shuddered.
 I cannot think this way.
 I’m with my daughter.
What is wrong with me?
Ben was muscular, 
not body-builder muscular, but
but hard-as-rock muscular. 

He reached up to put his straw
 cowboy hat on the rack
 his jacket,
and Liv remembered

 he kept his head shaved. 
He turned and looked
at her,
bestowing her with
 charming smile.

“Hey little lady,”
he reached
 for her hand.
 “It’s good to see you..."

Want to start a new series? (if you haven't already) then check out this fun, musical, western Cowboy Series. I only wish I had the time to proceed on through the whole series, but it's just impossible for me due to other commitments...but do check it out especially if you love country music and country living!

Ben Rice was one of those men who you may form a huge, immediate crush on, but can't quite believe it could be anything real... but Liv was at least interested enough that she'd consider all these accidental meetings maybe a sign? While Ben was much more decisive--he was pretty sure that she was "the one..." Could he convince Liv he was serious?

Liv is a woman with whom many will feel empathy. She's been a single Mom for years, always putting her own dreams aside to take care of her daughter and make sure she had everything she needs. Now her daughter is grown, but falling for a stage personality, who is away from home for much of his time, is scary in itself...and, wouldn't that just put her playing second fiddle for the rest of her life? 

I think both men and women, especially country folk, will enjoy this story. It's thoughtful, timely and goes directly into the lives of many women who have put their lives on hold for others. And, you know, can you really even trust a celebrity to give up all those women who throw themselves at him while on the road!?! You'll have to read this great book to find out! I enjoyed the book and highly recommend it to those who enjoy chick lit, a good ole romance--a solid love story... and cowboys!


My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists and cowboys. Not always in that order. 

I'm an author, speaker, editor, teacher, blogger, and in my spare time--became certified as an executive sommelier. I bring years of experience in the publishing world to all I do. I've edited and designed more than two hundred books, including fiction, non-fiction, children's books, coffee table, and cookbooks.

I'm an east coast girl, who spent half her life on the west coast. But now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

More than 200 shows a year. Jubilant fans who follow him from Minnesota to Mexico. More than 70,000 albums sold. A new release “Get Up” and a state-of-the-art nightclub named after one of his songs -- all without the support of a major record label…

Meet GB Leighton, a band named after one of the regions’ most incendiary live performers and consistently solid songwriters, Brian Leighton. Through more than a decade and eleven studio albums, Leighton and his six piece band have been tearing up rock clubs, festivals and even a few fan’s living rooms with a slew of songs that connect with the heart and couples singing along out on the dance floor. “A man of the people” is a phrase usually reserved for statesmen and politicians, but for Leighton, it’s a fitting description when you see him in action working a crowd.

Where have we seen this phenomena before? Springsteen in Asbury Park before he lit out for New York and the wider world; Mellencamp back in those anonymous Indiana bars; Hootie and the Blowfish lightin’ up the southern circuit…Leighton delivers that same inescapable rock ‘n’ roll spirit night after night. “If I hadn’t heard a bunch of Bruce’s bootlegs or seen the videos I’d be a much different musician,” he says today. “He’s always been a great songwriter and performer, like a preacher almost who commands an audience. That’s the place I’m coming from. But at the end of the day, I’m just a common guy, a working class kid from a Twin Cities suburb who loves to put on a good show and hopefully write some good songs in between.”

When approached to have a first-class, high-tech nightclub – not far from his house in New Brighton - named after a song his first album, “Pickle Park”, Leighton was in. Not since Prince opened Glam Slam in downtown Minneapolis has any Minnesota musician opened a club where fans can expect to see a hometown rocker and his band play live and hang out “to catch a Vike’s game or just kick back”. He adds, “It’s another way to keep fans happy and to share a space with them. It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time and when club owners Tom Tomaro and Mike Tupa approached me about the idea, I was all over it.”

Leighton makes his national country debut with “Get Up”, his eleventh album. For Leighton, who was also recently honored by Billboard.com as a Top 10 Country Artist to Watch in 2014 as well, this project is something his fans of all ages and interests can enjoy. Leighton’s music has clearly left a lasting impression in the Midwest as fans have inked themselves with his lyrics.

“This is the only thing I ever wanted to do. I don’t see stopping or changing it up no matter where it takes me and the band.”

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