Monday, July 4, 2016

Enjoy Your Independence Day! What's Happening at Book Readers Heaven... Poem and Photo By Guy Graybill

Liberty Bell
By Guy Graybill
From Whimsy and Wry

Hollyhock Ballerinas
From Guy - 6-28

Two thousand pounds of fire-cast bronze
Above the city ringing;
Reverberating 'cross the roofs,
A novel notion bringing.

The clapper strikes the massive dome,
The crowd, below, rejoicing.
This bell's the nation's vocal chord,
Our Liberty it is voicing.

Though hidden, briefly, from the foe,
Beneath the church's planking,
It joins the treasures of the free
And holds a lofty ranking.

It joins the Eagle and the Flag,
And documents, inspiring;
To help the nation stay alert,
While seeking Peace, untiring...

Two thousand pounds of fire-cast bronze,
It sends the message ringing;
Reverberating 'cross the land,
To set a people singing!

Hi Everybody! July 4th - Celebrate our Independence! I remember when we were young and there wasn't a lot of restrictions on fireworks, we would be allowed to have the sparklers--they seemed so much more beautiful than the fireworks seen up in the sky. We could hold them, swirl them through the air and enjoy our own little celebration... My mother's birthday was on the 2nd, so we'd combine our celebrations! After all, because of our mother, without a father, she was the one who brought the independence we were able to share in a home with a single parent. How did that happen? Well, my father was killed in a mining accident just months before I was born...A fatal kick by a horse, which they used in mines back in '44...
I'll be doing another article on my Opinion Blog sometime soon, but just wanted to highlight that we've had some fantastic books and responses from you, our readers! Thank You!

Here's a new statistic that I've haven't shared before...of the
22, 865 hits for both blogs in June, here are the top books viewed!

For the Last Week:


As you can see, these figures are not stagnant, like the total number of hits for the month... That is because the numbers keep increasing after the month is over as people come to visit the Blog for one book and then stay to look through more articles... Still, I thought you might be interested in seeing this, since it does give some information about the "draw" of the books themselves to our audience... This is particularly high, for instance, for popular authors; however, hits are still high for new authors as well. I personally think that is a good thing since the audience is looking for new books, not necessarily from well-known authors.... On the other hand, one author on this list says she owes higher sales to higher exposure of reviews she receives...Tip passed on for authors consideration...

Celebrate Our Independence Day!

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