Monday, July 18, 2016

A Lovely Thank You Poem From Thomas Kemp, Added to Pics At My Home...With Complementary Music!

On Reading His Words...*
Thank you Glenda 
It's so nice to get a poem as thanks...!


Touch my petal

Then much more

Ease me from the plastic growing pot
And find a place for me
Close by

Let my fragrance capture
The morning just once
And you will wear gold
For sunshine the rest of the days.

Sooo, took my sister, Dee, to doctor Friday
and then my own appt. was this morning...

I've been trying out my phone for photos so 
some beautiful pics of new flowers planted in the front of my cabin
amonst the river rock that was added this'll see me in other pics!
(Is the placement of the petal right outside my door close enough
my dear friend?)
seemed to work for matching Thomas' words...
What do you think?  

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