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D. T. Pollard Provides Analysis of the 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate...

If Hillary Clinton was a man she would be seen as strong, determined
and resilient, which is everything you want in a President. The same
qualities a man possesses that would make him a strong leader will
be seen by man to make a woman a word that rhymes with witch. Is
it fair that a strong woman has to deal with a double standard, no,
it's not fair, but is it a reality?
According to D. T. Pollard's newest book on Hillary Clinton: Madam President?, Clinton has been gearing up for running for the presidency for years... Most of us have realized it...but when Obama showed up out of the blue to run, he soon became the top candidate. Pollard openly discusses that the toss-up between a Black man and a Female for Presidency would both prove to be explosive. But history showed that Obama would be nominated and continue for his two full terms...

There was only one problem Clinton didn't anticipate, Senator Barack Obama decided it was time to run for President. Obama was like a bolt of lightning and before anyone realized what was happening, there was a battle for history for either race or gender to break a glass ceiling. As the Democratic contest worked its way to conclusion, it became evident that Hillary Clinton would not win the nomination for President. Clinton was stunned and eventually became Secretary of State in the Obama administration...

It may be the angry white men that are resistant
to the changes in America will never change their
opinion. Many white men feel no one is talking for
them or to them...

Hillary Clinton: 
Madam President?

By D. T. Pollard

Never in my life have I been as concerned about politics as I am this year. I have found that I, like many, have strong feelings about the two candidates... I was looking serious at Bernie Sanders because of his expertise, but a little worried about his age...hey, I'm close to his age, so I can rightfully worry about that...LOL

However, after reading this book, I have greatly changed my opinion of the candidate who would be called "Madam President..." For one, I felt that she might be elected purely on the grounds of being a woman... I would be as opposed to her as I am Trump for that reason... For another, my family has always expressed their lack of trust about her... Frankly Pollard's book gave me good insight on what I should be thinking about in relation to Clinton...

But I had to face that, before now, no candidate for presidency really impressed me, other than our last one. I am a person who hates the political realm of government activities and saw it in action many times during my professional career...
D. T. Pollard did an outstanding analysis in his book about the Republican Candidate. So I certainly wanted to also hear what he said about the Democrat candidate.

So Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic
nomination to face off against Donald Trump
for President of the United States in the
general election, but why does everyone get
excited about any other candidate except
Hillary Clinton?
What I will first say first is that the book has obviously had to be written in a very short time and does not include the references that he cited in other books of his that I've read. However, in this book he has found his passion and has let it come out freely...but...I believe, fairly, given his knowledge. More specifically, I was very impressed with the quality and quantity of information that he used in support of his positions on various issues. 

For me, the volume of information that this author provided was gratifying . It is quite obvious that Pollard is well read and has been keeping up on the political scene for many years. And he effectively shows the parallel between the two candidates.

I must admit there was the comparative analysis between Trump and Clinton that I enjoyed...Pollard has done an outstanding job in comparing "issues" in an effective manner and then hones in on what is really happening from Trump supporters...The following are just samples to give readers a taste of what the book covers...

Another issue thrown at Hillary Clinton was the trust issue. Many people said they simply could not trust Hillary Clinton. Granted, Hillary Clinton has dealt herself many self-inflicted wounds in the area of trustworthiness with the latest being the private email server she used while she was Secretary of State...Hillary Clinton was pounced upon by her adversaries as being the cause of the deaths. Republicans in Congress were relentless and held multiple hearings on Benghazi trying to find a way to definitely hang the blame on Hillary Clinton without success...

Yes, Hillary has made missteps and misspeaks, but her opponent, Donald Trump, has changed position within hours in some extreme cases. Trump can be seen on video supporting positions a few years ago that he stated he was staunchly against when the Republican Primaries started...Trump University took the life savings of many Americans and delivered nothing in return...Donald Trump has a mountain of lawsuits, broken contracts and position reversals in his past, but thus far it has not seemed to matter to his supporters...

Given the background of Clinton and Trump, why is Trump trusted more? Donald Trump is channeling and attempting to ride anger to the White House...All joking aside, anger has its place, but every American needs to remember the word danger is anger with one letter added at the beginning...

One topic of debate among political pundits was the White men that supported Trump over Clinton...that should not come as a surprise. Regardless of how you see it, many White men feel like their place in this country has been usurped by minorities, immigrants and to some extent, women...There is a great deal of resentment among white men and Trump is mining that without hesitation. It may be difficult for some to understand where White men get their point of view. To allow you to understand... (includes quotes from Donald Trump: The Reverse Obama)...

What is it about Hillary that would drive Americans that state they are patriotic and have the best interest of the nation at heart to vote for someone so much less qualified? Hillary Clinton has one quality that even her detractors have to admire and abhor at the same time, determination...Hillary has shown women everywhere that a person is not defined by what others call them, but by what they answer to...

Here is an author that, although he has strong opinions and has let more of them out in this book, he does not negate the need to prove and substantiate his information. I find him a credible source of information that I can use to consider my own choices. I believe you will too. Highly recommended.

By the way, this author arrived in my sight less than a week ago, by his giving his books away...I had never read anything but the last three books he has written and shared and I certainly did not know him before I started reading him. For some reason, my review of his book on the Republican Candidate has been handled differently than any of my other reviews have. I am adding this in the hope that this will not happen this time.


D T PollardESSENCE ® bestselling author D.T. Pollard lives in the Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX area. He is married and has one son.

He earned an academic scholarship to the School of Business and Industry at Florida A & M University and stopped writing during his second year in college.

D T was at the top of his class in Marketing and graduated Summa Cum Laude and won the Most-Outstanding-Performance-in-Marketing award for the graduating class of 1981.

While working in sales for giants of the high-technology world for over 28 years, his desire to write returned after losing several siblings from various causes. D T Pollard is the author of many works including Rooftop Diva, Fools' Heaven, Vulture Capitalism and Ratchet Woman. Rooftop Diva, a fictional account about a Hurricane Katrina survivor became an Essence Magazine bestseller and is featured in libraries nationwide and abroad in hardcopy and audio formats.

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