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D. T. Pollard Provides Analysis of Two Hot Subjects Directly From Top News Stories!

D T PollardESSENCE ® bestselling author D.T. Pollard lives in the Dallas/ Fort Worth, TX area. He is married and has one son.

He earned an academic scholarship to the School of Business and Industry at Florida A & M University and stopped writing during his second year in college.

D T was at the top of his class in Marketing and graduated Summa Cum Laude and won the Most-Outstanding-Performance-in-Marketing award for the graduating class of 1981.

While working in sales for giants of the high-technology world for over 28 years, his desire to write returned after losing several siblings from various causes. D T Pollard is the author of many works including Rooftop Diva, Fools' Heaven, Vulture Capitalism and Ratchet Woman. Rooftop Diva, a fictional account about a Hurricane Katrina survivor became an Essence Magazine bestseller and is featured in libraries nationwide and abroad in hardcopy and audio formats.

Blackphobia - Bluephobia: Police Race and Rage in America by [Pollard, D T]

I'm a product of Affirmative Action--when Affirmative Action was implemented. At that time I was one of the few women who made out of clerical ranks into technical and then administrative ranks at a major university. As an administrator, I then often was involved in affirmative action hiring and am fully knowledgeable about how the process was done. During those years, I had several African American men working in my office and became friends with one female Black Dean with whom I greatly enjoyed working.  

Then I watched as Affirmative Action no longer required hirings based upon that principle. New leaders came in and women in administration were slowly eliminated. Hiring no longer required a specific process... I watched as my friend, Ruth, left her job. And we shared a number of discussions of what we were seeing...

For me that is when I started watching it happen... the slow deterioration of what earlier lawmakers had done to try to make amends for what you might simply call "Male White Supremacy..." Believe me, you would never include women of any race as part of the good ole boy system of hiring...

Since that day, I've had an affinity for those in the Black Race. I knew exactly what happened...they couldn't get hired unless laws created for that purpose was followed. To cut my own opinion off quickly, let me just conclude with my personal opinion that was when it began and, now, we are seeing the results of that loss of effort...that change by the government to stop trying to help the hiring decisions of the stop "caring" about people, employees included...

The title of Pollard's book, Black Phobia; Blue Phobia tells you exactly what the book is about. America has reached the point where there is NO trust. In particular, Pollard speaks to the ongoing and now major problem of total mistrust of the Police.

Pollard provides the necessary research of cases of violence, but he does not stop with just those attacks on Blacks. He talks about all that has happened in America... Then specifically discusses the unanswered questions about lack of punishment of the offender, if it happens to be a police officer.

But this is not a one-sided diatribe. It is a well-written review and analysis of the topic...Both sides have developed a real phobia--a fear, or in some a hatred of those on each side.
Given the previous losses it would truly be an opportunity wasted to fail to achieve a breakthrough in bridging the racial divide in America. We may be at a tipping point and on the edge of a potential racial explosion if there is not meaningful acknowledgement that there are issues that must be solved in how some police officers react to African Americans. Seemingly deadly escalations of tensions from some police officers when dealing with African Americans compared to White citizens...
Pollard discusses how the advances of electronics has provided the means by which individual actions are no longer just known locally--they are broadcasted nationally. 
Let’s not be na├»ve, what we are witnessing between law enforcement and the Black community is not new, it is just being captured on camera and played back for everyone to witness.

From a police leadership standpoint, this has allowed them to see the scope and wide-spread actions that have occurred and are increasing!
When a police officer is dispatched and encounters a dangerous individual who refuses to comply with instructions and takes potentially life threatening actions against the cop, the result may be the death of that person regardless of their race. We can’t deny the existence of dangerous individuals in the Black community as evidenced by the level of Black on Black crime...
It should not take those that fear the lack of police support to solve this major problem! But more and more we find individual citizens such as Pollard speaking out because of what is happening. The reality exists; justice must be swift and strong. It should not lead to further fear and/or, worse, hopelessness.

That's what got America to where it is today...

For me, every individual has to take a position of action. We need to speak out intelligently, proactively, and be able to see and discuss both sides of this issue. This book is an excellent review of what has occurred, along with the beginning of conceptual thoughts on the problem. I consider it a must-read for all who see, acknowledge, and want towork to move constructively ahead toward solution. 

This book is free for now...Get it like I did and share it like I did...Let's get people talking! All lives DO Matter!


Donald Trump: The Reverse Obama by [Pollard, D T]

I've never been much interested in politics...Along with others, I've grown to lack trust...especially of politicians. Oh, sure, some are bound to be good, but...  Anyway, maybe it's because of all the books I've been able to read since I've retired...or maybe it's because I've felt an extreme lack of faith in both of the candidates, which I've not felt before. Frankly Trump scares me, but I don't think Clinton will have the follow-through America needs at this point... Just my personal opinion of course...
Take into consideration that the voting rate in the last United States Presidential election was under sixty percent. Republicans lost the last two Presidential elections and although they took control of both houses of the United States Congress, the mid-term voting rate was less than thirty-seven percent. The prior voting rates means that over forty and sixty percent of the voting eligible population of the United States stayed on the sidelines while others elected the leaders of the nation. That meant that millions of eligible voters basically decided it did not matter who or which political party was in charge of leading the nation forward because they felt there was not a significant difference between either major party. Years of political gridlock, infighting and talking points without tangible results that rewarded all of the conservative fervor and energy expended over the past several years dating back to before President Barack Obama was elected in 2008 took its toll...
The title of this book intrigued me, I must admit... Donald Trump - The Reverse Obama. I immediately wondered what this Black man had to say. I'd already read his book, Black Phobia and Blue Phobia and found I supported all he had said. Now how would this Black man feel about Trump?

Actually, once again, Pollard did an excellent presentation and analysis of his topic. He writes well, with no hint of bias in his work, and is easily followed through his thought processes. His points are clear and, when appropriated, cites his research, such as the past "Operation Wetback". Only at the end does he share a little personally--much less than me! LOL!

But what about this statement about Obama???
...while Barack Obama was selling hopes and dreams. As crazy as it sounds Donald Trump is metaphorically the reversed engineered Barack Obama of the 2016 Republican Presidential contest, but he is selling a decidedly different set of hopes and dreams to a much different audience...
And I understood exactly what he was saying...and I understood...  

Pollard uses his personal history to great effect in this book, talking about when he was young and trying to understand his place in the larger world. For me, I could actually see the parallels he was drawing...and I had to agree...

If only a part of his analysis is true--and I felt his narrative along with research proved credible--then you as a voting citizen might find this a must-read. If it comes down to choosing, and now that has been made final...Trump versus Clinton... what will happen? I believe Pollard has presented an effective, easy-to-read analysis to help evaluate what your future decisions may mean.

This book is also free now on Amazon...Get it!


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