Saturday, July 16, 2016

Shrangri-La by Michael Steven Tunstall from When The Angels Sing... Plus Complementary Songs!

Hurray! I'm back on line, having taken my computer apart and put it back together...apologies to Blogger since I was sending help messages to them...

When I was working with computerized information systems, I knew everything I needed to know about the software and its use, but it's still hard for me to handle the hardware... Thankfully, I had help walking through what I'd done yesterday and I got one more  suggestion which proved to be the right solution! Thanks and love Tracey!

Sooo, since I'm happily back to doing what I love to do...share books and poetry with all of you, I thought I'd pull out a poem that means a lot to me... with the song (loved it always)
This was "our" song at one time for a man who meant a lot to me...and the poetry spoke to me as well...  Then I found a couple of newer songs from that which first I loved... Both quite intriguing, right?!


Whisper in my ear
and I shall cherish thy tender words,
gift me but a lock of thy golden hair
and I will bid thee fare thee well.
Weep not thyself to sleep upon thy nightly bed,
for in thy sleep we shall meet in


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