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Donald Trump: The Reverse Obama - Amazon Hacked By Russians???

Donald Trump: The Reverse Obama by [Pollard, D T]Well, I had another strange experience regarding one of my reviews this week... This time on Amazon...

I am reblogging my review again to allow my message now online to occur...unless it, too, is deleted...

First, my review was being refused...and refused...and refused. I had cut out most of what I really wanted to include...and then message that it was once again refused... 

Sent a notice to Customer Service...Totally unresponsive email, which I then reported...

So then I wondered if this message could go through...One that really shouldn't have, if the review staff are paying "any" attention. If it's still up today, why not go out and leave a comment... In the meantime, below is my full review.

Maybe the key word is Donald Trump and the Russians are hacking anything about him? You think??? Why not hurry out and get the book right now...

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Analysis...July 27, 2016
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This review is from: Donald Trump: The Reverse Obama (Kindle Edition)
I have written a review on this book that was mishandled...I reported it
to Amazon customer service... Please see my blog, Book Readers 
Heaven for my review of this important book.
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Donald Trump: The Reverse Obama by [Pollard, D T]
I've never been much interested in politics...Along with others, 
I've grown to lack trust...especially of politicians. Oh, sure, 
some are bound to be good, but...  Anyway, maybe it's because 
of all the books I've been able to read since I've retired...or 
maybe it's because I've felt an extreme lack of faith in both of 
the candidates, which I've not felt before. Frankly Trump scares
me, but I don't think Clinton will have the follow-through
America needs at this point...Just my personal opinion of 

Take into consideration that the voting rate in the last United 
States Presidential election was under sixty percent. Republicans lost
the last two Presidential elections and although they took control of 
both houses of the United States Congress, the mid-term voting rate
was less than thirty-seven percent. The prior voting rates means that
over forty and sixty percent of the voting eligible population of the
United States stayed on the sidelines while others elected the leaders
of the nation. That meant that millions of eligible voters basically 
decided it did not matter who or which political party was in charge of 
leading the nation forward because they felt there was not a significant
difference between either major party. Years of political gridlock, 
infighting and talking points without tangible results that rewarded all
of the conservative fervor and energy expended over the past several
years dating back to before President Barack Obamawas elected 
in 2008 took its toll...

The title of this book intrigued me, I must admit... Donald 
Trump - The Reverse Obama. I immediately wondered what 
this Black man had to say. I'd already read his book, Black 
Phobia and Blue Phobia and found I supported all he had said.
Now how would this Black man feel about Trump?

Actually, once again, Pollard did an excellent presentation and
analysis of his topic. He writes well, with no hint of bias in his
work, and is easily followed through his thought processes. His
points are clear and, when appropriated, cites his research, 
such as the past "Operation Wetback". Only at the end does he
share a little personally--much less than me! LOL!

But what about this statement about Obama???

...while Barack Obama was selling hopes and dreams. As crazy
as it sounds Donald Trump is metaphorically the reversed
engineered Barack Obama of the 2016 Republican Presidential 
contest, but he is selling a decidedly different set of hopes and
dreams to a much different audience..

And I understood exactly what he was saying...and I understood...  

Pollard uses his personal history to great effect in this book, 
talking about when he was young and trying to understand his
place in the larger world. For me, I could actually see the 
parallels he was drawing...and I had to agree...

If only a part of his analysis is true--and I felt his narrative
along with research proved credible--then you as a voting
citizen might find this a must-read. If it comes down to
choosing, and now that has been made final...Trump versus 
Clinton... what will happen? I believe Pollard has presented
an effective, easy-to-read analysis to help evaluate what your
future decisions may mean.

This book is also free now on Amazon...Get it!


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