Friday, July 1, 2016

Brooks Olbrys Second Adventure of Blue Ocean Bob Is Terrific Fun and Sometimes Dangerous...While Learning...

And did you ever think that Bob
would be called upon to...Seal Sit?!!!
Soooo, I'm sharing right away
That I switched to my Fire
To read this second book 
of The Adventures of Bob...
And I'm very glad to say, 
that if your child is using a reader these days
Then the color and message 
is quite fine for reading
I still like the book to hold
But do feel free to choose,
'Cause both are highly recommended
And I simply have to say
I'd share with all kids... any day!

Bob had a mentor, Miss Mary Marine,
the finest sea expert his island had seen.
But she didn't mince words, "We've a promise to keep.
We must help a young seal learn to feed in the deep."

"The deep?" answered Bob. "I've been there in my boat,
And once on a dolphin--it's pretty remote!"

"Good training," said Mary. "So now you'll jump in
To help Kody feed, you must join her and swim.
But since you're unsure about your contribution
I suggest you see Doc. He will have a solution."

Doc was a turtle and Mary's close friend.
On Doc's trusted wisdom, young Bob could depend...

The Adventures of
Blue Ocean Bob:
A Challenging Job

By Brooks Olbrys
 Illustrated by Kevin Keele

Bob is now working for Mary Marine and his first job is to baby sit...well, actually, much more than that. You see Kody's mother had become very tired and needed to rest, but still need to have her baby trained to eat. The only thing is that Kody was afraid of the deep water where the seals routinely fed. A very important need to be met...
Then Doc said, "To teach well,
you must first learn a lot. For
how can you give what you
haven't yet got? You are a fine
swimmer, Bob. That you hav3e
shown. You just need some time
in the sea on your own. So go
snorkel out and don't rush back
too soon. For the training you
need, you must leave his lagoon.
And when you return, you can
do so with pride. You'll have
learned confidence comes from

But Bob had never gone into the deep water either--now he was being called upon to teach somebody else to do so... What to do?

A major point for me is that the book has been written to let Bob know that it is alright to be afraid and to be fearful you can't do what has been asked of you. What do you think Doc did to help Bob meet this new challenge?

Well, he got through that ordeal, but what if you mess up? (And he sure did?) And he got someone in trouble!

It sailed past its mark
and continued to fly
'til it landed on Beck.
...It seems you've
confused me with all
the debris! Get rid of
this net, please and
let me fly free!
You see he was supposed to help clean up debris and he was given a net to throw into the sea... But when he and Zena threw the net...they didn't see who sat below! And now he was entangled and couldn't free himself!

Well, instead of immediately helping poor Beck, Bob started arguing and blaming Zena and she did just the same! But finally they stopped and started running for help and came upon Earl who instead of suggesting how to help, immediately gave some sage advice: 
"Slow down there, my friend! I would like to help. But what I remember when caught in the kelp, is to solve any problem, don't look to the past. You have to stop blaming and take action fast. Be willing to own any part you have played, and see if apologies need to be made. This challenge is face holds a lesson for living, when you're responsible, fair, and forgiving... 

But still there was a problem to solve! Do you have any suggestions? Then he saw Cathy and ran to her, asking for help... What do you think? Cathy's just a girl, right? How can she help???
The next emergency was that Ray  had got caught under the sea and couldn't free herself! Bob's work never stopped and this time he'd need help in the rescue! Who would you ask to help you go into the ocean to find a scared stingray?!

But then a really big emergency that affected everybody came! A large storm was coming and everybody needed to be told! Can Bob handle this final assignment for the day?! Bob went out to help...but could he get back to shore?!

Bob was getting depressed, considering all that he had gotten into. There had been many who had depended totally on him! Had he made a wrong choice? Should he rethink his plans...He had much to consider after today...

Ok, I've fallen in love with these wise sea creatures! And the humans are flawed just like us... So all of us has much we can learn in this second book! It's not always an adventure when someone is or could be in danger...You have to be special to be Blue Ocean Bob...

Enjoy this one! It is the most animated of the three while the other two are more about learning. Bob always goes into a task, thinking he's prepared. Sometimes he is; sometimes he isn't...But it never is wrong to ask for help... 

Highly recommended


Inspired by his young son, Brooks Olbrys created The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob storybook series to share timeless achievement principles with children. A graduate of Stanford University, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts, and the University of California at Berkeley School of Law, Brooks is the founder of Children’s Success Unlimited and a managing director at investment bank Ion Partners. He lives with his wife and son in New York City.

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