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An Exciting New Children's Series - The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob: A Journey Begins by Brooks Olbrys!

What better way to followup yesterday's review on Nobel Laureates than to share about a series that is both exciting as well as totally dedicated to teaching and helping children look toward their future?!

The book, an early chapter book, Target age 6-8, uses positive, timeless principles that many of us have learned from, say, Bob Proctor or Earl Nightingale and so many others...

The book trailer demonstrates the quality and quantity of the brilliant colorful illustrations, created by Kevin Keele, used in this exceptional book, which, especially with the hard-back edition will be a significant addition to your children's book library. Or donate the book to your local school or library. I am positive that both children and early teens will love it! As Bob Proctor commented in the above video, I'm putting a 10 to equate to his praise and mind...

The Adventures of
Blue Ocean Bob:
A Journey Begins

By Brooks Olbrys
Illustrated by Kevin Keele

I loved that both animal and human characters were used. In the story itself, the main character Bob loves the beach, the sea, and the animals found there...and he wants to help make it better if he can, besides just keeping it clean, which is a very important job as well.

Bob is old enough to be thinking about doing something, but he doesn't know how to begin...  

One of the best parts about this book, which took, I am sure, much skill and work, is that it is written totally in rhyme!

Chapter 1 - Some Helpful Advice

There once was a boy who lived close to the sea 

and daydreamed all day about what he might be.
His island was lush and his life wasn't bad,
but he wasn't content with the things that he had.

Bob said to himself, "I just know there is more.

This cannot be all that my life has in store!
Perhaps if I look for an find the right guide,
my days won't just ebb and flow with the tide."

His guardian, Xena, a blunt hummingbird,

was truly unsettled by what he had heard.
"Just where will you go, Bob? And what will you do?
Imagine the things that might happen to you!"

Note: I'm adding this intro for Xena, since she's someone special to Bob...

Xena is an outspoken pink hummingbird who is Bob’s guardian, best friend and constant companion. She’s doubtful, a little worried and does not like taking risks. Xena would rather play safely on the shores of the Island of Roses than venture out with Bob on his maritime adventures. Nevertheless, Bob appreciates Xena for being a good, trusted friend who will always stand (or fly) by his side.

The dolphin
just smiled.
Why, there's
no secret
in it!

But Bob knew what he wanted to do so he got into his boat and decided to ask the sea creatures. It didn't take long before he came along a dolphin named Al. He immediately asked Al his secret for being so joyful and free... 

Al shared that he appreciated life's every minute. Also that we are all given incredible power; we had it right now...

But Al was just more confused so Al advised him to visit his teacher...
Now Doc, in his wisdom, had studied the greats
who had done brilliant things and determined their fates.
He had met with great whites, giant squids, and blue whales.
He had heard all their stories and read all their tales.
So Bob summoned courage and asked the old gent,
"Please tell me how to be truly content."
Doc tipped his spectacles, gave Bob a glance,
adusted his shell and rebuckled his pants.

Then he said, "We've just met,  but my instinct are sound,
and the answer you seek is quite easily found.
As Al may have told you, you have it within.
Discover your passion, then simply jump in.

Decide what you love, what excites and inspires,

then make that your purpose and watch what transpires."

Bob thought of the fish in the deep ocean blue
and the seabirds and sand crabs and jellyfish too.
As he pictured them all, he could feel his heart swett.
He knew what he loved, and he knew it quite well.

His Passion was clear; he just had to pursue it.
Protecting all sea life--he knew he could do it.
"I'll simply devote all my days to the sea.
A marine biologist!" Bob declared. "Yes, that's me!"

But of course, we all know that deciding and accepting something does not automatically make it so...Bob still had a long way to go... But he had begun! And he kept on asking questions and seeking guidance from others until he is sent to somebody that could really help... and, boy, did she throw him a test task to do! And a certain little creature is his target...

“That’s just idle chatter.
If you know your true purpose, those facts do not matter.”
~ Mary Marine
Although only in her early 20s, Mary is the Island of Roses leading marine biologist. When she was a student at The Island School, she became good friends with Doc the turtle. She works closely with Doc, Al the dolphin, Earl the clam, Wallace the walrus and the other sea creatures to protect all life in the Sea of Kerchoo. When Mary meets Bob, she is impressed with his enthusiasm to work with her. But she needs to make sure he is capable and committed to this challenging job. After a few important tests, she realizes that Bob’s passion, courage and commitment will make him a valuable assistant (and Xena too).

You know what? I haven't even said anything about chapter 2 and beyond! And there are 5 chapters...So be prepared to help Bob through his first task and see what else he gets into on his way to fulfilling his desire to become a marine biologist! By the way, although the book is about Bob's adventures, Mary Marine and another new young girl who we'll meet in another book, will make the book just as fun and interesting for both boys and girls, especially those who love swimming, the sea and its creatures! Highly recommended!


Inspired by his young son, Brooks Olbrys created The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob storybook series to share timeless achievement principles with children. A graduate of Stanford University, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts, and the University of California at Berkeley School of Law, Brooks is the founder of Children’s Success Unlimited and a managing director at investment bank Ion Partners. He lives with his wife and son in New York City.

Watch for reviews of the next two books!

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