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Stan I. S. Law Presents Finale of Trilogy with Awakening: The Event Horizon - An Amazing Prophecy?

When you accept the truth, the fact that all is energy, 
the energy can flow from one form to another, depending on its rate of vibration, all things in the phenomenal universe become possible.
 “The truth will set you free” 
You will do what others regard as miracles, whereas all you do is manipulate the rates of vibrations and, 
control them by thinking of them as specifics. 
This knowledge was posited
 by Socrates and confirmed by Albert Einstein

No matter what book we read, we can only relate to it as (1) we have our own set of knowledge and experience upon which to respond, and (2) we are willing to open our minds to the potential...the possibility...of what others have considered and shared in the past. In his prologue, Stan I.S. Law shares a concept that both Socrates and Albert Einstein had previously posited, of course with a time frame wide apart. And yet, there are those like Law, that picks that assumption up and starts further consideration. Is it a provable hypothesis? Or just another science fiction novel? Is it an awakening of the future as a prophecy? Or just another apocalyptic tale to excite and scare us...

What you won't find in this book is the normal destruction and war and pain that follows in those books... After I finished the book, one of my songs dearly loved in childhood about going to Heaven came to mind... I'll Fly Away says that we will go on, to another shore... But then, I thought, I also learned about the Second Coming...

But our brilliant author knows that thousands of years have passed, many do not believe in God or that he is dead, while others claim their God is the only god and is willing to kill all of those who do not accept their religion...or the power they have claimed in its behalf...  Others dream and write of what will happen if the world really does come to "an end" and write books and movies about it, many times horror of that time... Stan's book is the first I could accept, one that I could consider as non-fiction...Will he be right? I think it is the most important statement that I have ever read that combines the knowledge and science of today's world within a concept that God does exist and that He is our God--He is everybody's God... Read this book!


 A Novel by Stan I.S. Law

Many of you may have walked with me on a journey through books related to faith, God--the last being Breakthrough by John C. Robinson. This book by Stanislaw Kapuscinski just may be the final book in defining my thoughts on our personal life interaction with our awesome God. The combination of the scientific mind of the main male character, together with the intuitive and "knowing" mind of the female lead, will give most readers an opportunity to explore both sides of the ever ongoing argument between science and religion. For me, it all fit... If you, too, have wondered what and where will we be in the future, I suggest you read the entire trilogy, but this last finale culminates the merge of what I learned as a child together with today's scientific world...and at the same time, the horrible battlefield it has become...

Law writes the Awakening as fiction. Not surprising, given the state of today's world. Still, there is something...something that comes across, that haunts the reader. Could this really be what will happen?

Dr. Peter Brown, M.D., F.R.C.S., M.S., D.O., is the main thinker for our scientific discussions that occur routinely in the family. Fortunately, for me, Anne Howell Brown, as his wife, effectively countered his thinking with the assurance that she had earlier reached.

Anne, for me, was especially of interest since the mystical experiences she routinely had with individuals around the world, seemed very close to my one and only experience when I felt I was interacting with a Russian prisoner. For Anne, it had become her way of life and she did most of her work telepathically, sometimes now even interacting directly with the person whose vibes of trouble or sorrow had reached her...

Dr. Peter Brown was the Director of the Department of Experimental Sonic Neurosurgery, or simply DESN, at McGill University in Montreal. With a relatively short break in Washington and even shorter in Vatican, Montreal was his hometown. He gazed sideways at Anne, still curled up on her First Class seat...Anne and Peter were flying to Rome to attend their son’s, Johnny’s, Premiere of his eleventh Grand Opera, “The Promised Land”. Peter chuckled. He didn’t recall ever taking his son to hear Sunday sermons, yet all Johnny’s operas derived their themes from the Bible. Perhaps there was a difference between faith and religion. Peter certainly believed in the intangible benevolence of the Universe, he just refused to put a human face on it. Even then, Johnny’s interpretation of the scriptures would make the fundamentalists’ toes curl.

Anne and her son were both musical geniuses--this selection is selected
purely on the title and to set the tone of their trip... 

Opening the book with a trip to see their son's  new original opera performance allowed Anne and Peter to not only renew their relationship with their son, who was constantly traveling, presenting his opera, they were able to see their friend--the Pope... Without going into too much about that relationship, both past and future, I will just say that I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the fictional Pope and learning of his life in the book...

A major subject of discussion between Peter and his wife is related to her abilities to reach people across the world. Peter is most intrigued because he has been studying the two parts of the brain and exploring whether and what would happen if the two parts were joined...

And his research was gravitating more and more towards finding some sort of correlation between the Pons Varolii and the abilities which it might open for those who used to a greater degree both sides of their brain with equal facility. For millions of years men and women had specific predispositions. While it may have had some raison d'ĂȘtre, some enigmatic purpose, in early days of humanity, today, and in the so-called modern times, he couldn’t think of any.

Readers really have to go through the scientific discussions and hypotheses in order to move forward in the book. I understood enough to discern what was being considered, without knowing any of the details, and I think most readers will find it a learning experience, as I did. Oh, but what is coming is well worth waiting for and there's little I can share except that the weather was involved.

If there is one thing that Canadians are use to, it is snow. This includes Quebecers in general and Montrealers in particular. In the countryside snow is a blessing. It covers and protects nature from extreme cold. It also gives an illusion of purity, of a white veil, which shines in the sunshine with sparkling beauty. That’s in the countryside. In town, within hours of falling on the streets, snow turns into filthy slush that makes one dream of springtime. But the beginnings are always beautiful, both, in and out of town. When the weightless flakes began to float gently a bit early in the season, Montrealers shrugged their shoulders, refusing to worry about it...
And then there was more snow. Within days the gentle sprinkling grew to four or five inches. Then six and more. The streets were no longer cleared.
Peter was doing his best to escape reality that was getting on his nerves. He put the book down and, without a word, went upstairs. Perhaps he wanted to take a nap until the snow stopped. Perhaps… Anne stopped reading, and turned her eyes towards the window. Snow. It was the fifth day in a row. It reached the four-foot level. Well packed. Wettish but not wet. Just moist enough to compact itself so that one could almost walk on top of it.
After all these years, she was still in love with Peter. Each kiss felt like the very first. As though they’d just met. And this with the children already grown up. They say that love does not recognize time. “Still snowing,” she said unnecessarily. 
“It’s easing up…” he smiled, “I just hope it will not turn into a river.” The rapid changes of weather made all things possible. Freezing weather one day, a meltdown the next.
Hibernating. Just like Anne and himself. Momentarily he wondered what might have happened in hot climates. Were they also cold? Covered with snow? Was cold necessary for hibernation? He played with the idea of popping down to Sahara. Then he remembered that he’d only see what he expected to see. He also recalled the past Ice Ages. No one really knew what had happened. Not really. 
Only Anne and Peter knew that they were asleep. They remained conscious. The others…?

It had snowed and snowed and snowed...

Would this be the ending?

Amazing story! Superb in presentation, concept and solid science to support all that was revealed in the potential presented to readers! I had always thought I'd be among the first taken (if you know what I mean you may have thought that too). Now, I think I'm ready for anything~ Thanks Stan! I appreciate so much your creation and sharing with your readers the potential of the Event Horizon! Anne just might become my fictional role model because of you! Wonderful!


Stanislaw Kapuscinski, (aka Stan I.S. Law) an architect, sculptor and prolific writer, was educated in Poland and England. A refugee from Poland at 13, then at 33, having overcome numerous difficulties, he began his search for the secret of life. Now, he is a successful writer, happily married for 25 years, with an assured future. 

His special interests cover a broad spectrum of arts, sciences and philosophy. At times he seeks inspiration in the Peruvian Andes, or solitude under sail. His books (articles, short stories, poetry) attest to his particular passion for the scope and the development of Human Potential. He authored more than thirty books, eighteen of them novels.

His non-fiction explores Ancient Myths, Biblical Symbolism, Immortality and the mystery of Visualization. Three volumes of Essays (Beyond Religion) investigate the Nature of Being. Generally, if you suspect you are more than flesh and bones, read Stan Law. If you want to be sure, read Stanislaw Kapuscinski. 

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