Saturday, July 4, 2015

Poet Guy Graybill Presents the Liberty Bell - And the Fascinating History of The National Anthem as You've Never Heard It!

The Liberty Bell

by Guy Graybill
appearing in Whimsy and Wry

Two thousand pounds of fire-cast bronze
Above the city ringing;
Reverberating 'cross the roofs,
A novel notion bringing.

The clapper strikes the massive dome,
The crowd, below, rejoicing.
This bell's the nation's vocal chord,
Our Liberty it's voicing.

'Though hidden, briefly, from the foe,
Beneath the church's planking
It joins the treasures of the free
And holds a lofty ranking.
It joins the Eagle and the Flag,
And documents, inspiring;
To help the nation stay alert,
While seeking Peace, untiring...

Two thousands pounds of fire-cast bronze,
It sends the message ringing;
Reverberating 'cross the land,
To set a people singing.


If you're like me and had never heard something like this...
Well, let's just say that It Spoke to Me, Perhaps for the First Time...
I hope it does the same for each of you...

Let's Hear It Again!

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