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Wonderful Children's Teaching Book, Truthy Ruthy, by Sari Barel Recommended as Must-Read!

Let's face it...we all lie...
Most times, it's "little white lies" that we tell so that we don't hurt the feelings of someone...
You know, the traditional question, "Honey, do I look fat in this dress?' will always bring a lie...or, at least, if you don't lie, you politely explain what the problem is and suggest another dress would be better... 
After all, the person really asking the question wants the truth, don't they?

Truthy Ruthy is just 5 years old. She constantly does not tell the truth. Now, it's easy for me to say, since I've not had children of my own, that Ruthy must have learned to be untruthful from her early years in her home...

Or is not being truthful just part of the human condition???

Sari Barel believes lying is a learned habit...I agree.

Still, telling the truth is important and a child must be taught. 
But isn't it wonderful that there are fun, easy ways to do it?!
I believe Sari Barel book does just that...

Truthy Ruthy

By Sari Barel

The very first thing readers will see in opening this book, is an offer for a gift. The child reading the book will have an opportunity to go online and receive more--more than just the book. I didn't sign up and receive them, but I wanted to mention that, in my opinion, this is a wonderful tactic. There is another children's series that has a few gifts that come with each book and I noticed that my niece immediately started playing with the gifts, even before she had read the book. Surprises are fun and Barel's intention is to teach while your child is having fun! In my opinion, she succeeds! This particular book is I believe the most important one, among those that she's written. If a child is permitted to continue to lie continually, ultimately it could lead to... well, I don't need to spell out those options...

Note: each of the book trailers had something a little different, so I'm using them along with pics this time...

In Ruthy's house there was a shelf full of jars of sweets, colorful and appealing, tasty and sweet... Yummy! 

In Ruthy’s house there was also a rule: Everybody may eat only one sweet after dinner. One day Ruthy wanted a candy before dinner. The candies looked so sweet and so tasty. Ruthy could not help eating the candies.

When her mother asked, "Who took the candy?" Ruthy felt so embarrassed that she said, "It wasn't me!”

“Ruth, not telling the truth is a bad habit.”

It was Ruthy's father that came up with an idea, aimed to teach Ruthy about telling the truth...And he began immediately!

This book is only available as an e-book; however, I was pleased that the interior is the normal picture book that children adore... It is full-color as shown with the cover picture and book trailers and, in fact, you'll see many of the interior shots in all of these.

The concept for training Ruthy was clever, thoughtful and effective and I think many of you will find yourself using it!  Do check this book out. The picture of Ruthy is of an adorable little girl that you, at first, think would be a little angel... Let's just say, her habit of not telling the truth got away with her until SHE decided to change...

As mentioned earlier, I believe this is a must-read...And Enjoy it yourself, while sharing with your beloved children...


Sari Barel is an international expert and workshop leader in the development of creative thinking and the co-author of the “Think Like a Zebra®” method and book series — thinking outside the box — that deals with creative thinking and brainstorming in business and in life. The first book in the series has been published in English, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and Hebrew, and there are workshop centers using this method in Japan, Holland and Israel.

Sari Barel is a graduate of the ISEME, an extension of the University of Swinburne, Australia, where she earned the degree of Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI).,

Sari is the author of the children’s book series "How to deal with…L" that offers creative ideas for different subjects that occupy the minds of children. Her creative journey includes: specializing in advertising as a copywriter, specializing in film as a scriptwriter and actor; specializing in education; coaching and mediation; specializing in marketing communication

The variety of Sari's background is directed to her stated goal, which is to help as many people as possible--adults and children-- to escape restrictive thinking patterns and realize their full potential, not only in their life's work, but in their entire life experience.  That goal has inspired her recent writing, a series of books for parents, to help them help their children think outside the box

Check out another of her books,,,

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