Monday, July 6, 2015

A little fun before Review... of Body Parts by Janet Cameron Hoult....

Time Accelerates With Age
From Body Parts

by Janet Cameron Hoult

When we're young the minutes drag 
and don't move fast enough.
We wish that time would move along,
that it would hurry up.
For waiting is so hard to do,
impatience is our ticket.
It's nut until we're very old we find a sticky wicket.

For as we age, the minutes seem
to pick up speed each day
And suddenly we find that months
and years have flown away.
What happened to our youth we ask,
those gold days of yore?
It seems to me they took themselves
right out the kitchen door.

And left some lovely memories, 
but also aches and pains.
The time we wish would speed by now
is only when it rains.
When aching joints hurt even more
and we're in agony
As we try to get around with sore back,
feet and knees.

We wish that we could stop the clock or reverse its movement,
For growing old is just a crock
full of disappointment
With aging bodies losing strength,
we could really rage,
But we must accept the fact that
time accelerates with age.

Tired of Being Tired

I'm tired of being tired
And sick of being sick.
My body parts are locking
When they should be going tick.

They used to be like clockwork
And keep me right on time,
But lately they just let me down
Although I've paid my dime
To all the many doctors
And physical therapists too
Who are supposed to help me out
Not fund there's something new
That's wrong with this old body.

Come on, I need a break
Let's get me healed and all fixed up
So I can have a steak!


Review Coming!

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