Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sharing a little from Next book, The Sexuality of Two 1970s American Poets..."My Last Mistress" by John... And, more, of course...

My Last Mistress

That's my last mistress in this photography
I'd hidden in a book. You say she's "cute"?
I fear the camera shook and blurred the lines
That tell of fifty years without repute
Or wisdom, for she never had the time.
You'll note the hair is carefully arranged;
It was her pride. She seemed to think it had
Some charm begetting youth. It thought it strange
To so avoid the truth, and I was sad
To contemplate the reckoning postponed.
She was a selfish woman, never cared
About the children I had left at home.
You wish to see their picture? I'm afraid
I haven't one, but that's not relevant.
Where is the lady now? I cannot say.
I seized upon a minor incident 
To end the boredom, but this is today
And what is past is dead! Now, shall we go
To dinner at a little place I know?

No matter what period in time and in what form it becomes,
it seems A Mistress is Part of the Human Experience???

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