Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Your Poet Is Thomas Kemp Presents "Stormy Weather" Powerful Words During National Poetry Month

Stormy Weather

In those days my hopes were black and twisted

And only my night time dreams

traveled on a traditional course.

But, deep in my soul, 

knowing I could not make babies anymore

And give you the children you wanted badly,

You had to go out the door of my reveries.

You were taken away to be a mother

More than you were chosen to be my wife.

Love is simple and always true

you were to be a mother,

With all the details 

that goes with it,

I was not in that design.

Children can go on forever

 and me as a husband would have just been an indulgence.

The years have distributed to you two fine sons.

But, I have never forgotten you.

Thomas Kemp/poet

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