Thursday, April 9, 2015

Adolfo Caso Shares "Extending My Hand" During National Poetry Month...

Extending My Hand

By Adolph Caso

For many years,
On meeting people--
Of all sizes, ages or color,
Especially those
With obvious symptoms of fatal illness--
I always want
To extend my healing hand to them,
To place it on their abdomen
And force the evil spirits
Gently out of their bodies.
But I have never done it:
Neither to Bob, dying from cancer--
His preoccupation centering on the fate of his children,
Nor to Jim, with months of life remaining--
His sister Mary secretly weeping
Against the backdrop of destiny
Blind to her tears
And as deaf to her brother’s silent groans,
All of which are recorded in my heart
With the only wish
That I could have extended my hand to them
As I have done dozens of times to myself,
In rubbing it gently over my stomach,
I would come back to a re-gained life,
Thanks to the warmth of this hand,
I wished,
I could share with them.
On sunny days,
Jim sits by the pool,
Where he receives rays from the sun.
“Good afternoon, Jim. How are you?”
I ask, my hand tapping his shoulder.
“Hey, there, Adolfo; I’m doing fine.”
An open smile appears on his face;
It causes me to smile as well.

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