Friday, April 24, 2015

A. F. Stewart Shares "Shall We Dance with the Angels" from her book, Colours of Poetry...

Light through a prism, and we see colour. 
Colour is all around, enveloping our lives and feelings. Through tinted shades we see the world, with emotional ties that bind. 
Within the book, Colours of Poetry, you will find eleven sections, all representations of different hues, each featuring seven poems that explore the intricacies and fallacies of our world. Come and sail the Sapphire Sea and Sky, cringe at the Crimson Bloodstains, wonder at the Emerald Creation, dazzle in the Lemon Daybreak, linger in the Tangerine Sunset, sniff the Violet Petals, feel Umber the Earth, let the Black as Night and Death surround you, shiver as you pass by White Winter Bones, lose yourself in the Grey Haze, and stare up at the Silver Stars…

"Shall We Dance With the Angels" spotlighted today during National Poetry Month...

Shall We Dance With The Angels

Shall we dance with angels
far above the velvet clouds
where the stars whisper light
and cast it to the eyes below

Far above the velvet clouds
to the Heavens wide and infinite
with angel song in splendour

Where the stars whisper light,
that radiance from our dreams,
to the wayward, celestial corners

And cast it to the eyes below
that rarely see the beauty born
of gossamer and winged grace


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