Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spending Time with Paul M. Kramer during National Poetry Month...

Let Go Of Anger

Anger doesn’t commingle with love.
Animosity and hostility are roads to depression.
Peace and serenity are not born out of fury.
Harboring resentment leads to aggression.

Let go of old grudges and past resentment.
Unclog any malice in your heart.
A huge sense of relief will flow in and through you.
Forgiveness will allow you a fresh new start.

Laughter and happiness will return,
with more intensity than before.
You’ll be able to think with more clarity.
Without anger, love can blossom and soar.

Paul M Kramer


Shallow breathing, watery eyes,
blurred vision, traumatized.
Wanting to run, wanting to hide,
going in circles, cannot decide.

Repetitive thoughts, cannot sit still,
repetitive thoughts, feeling ill.
Fear of the truth, fear of being alone,
fear of fearing the unknown.

Afraid of heights, afraid to fly,
afraid of crashing, afraid to die.
Being closed in, no way out,
breaking into a sweat, panic and doubt.

Let go of your anxiety, you have had your share;
turn it over to God, release your fear.

Paul M Kramer

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