Wednesday, April 15, 2015

More from Paul M. Kramer during National Poetry Month

English: Animated image of Earth rotating.

Being in sync
Asleep or awake,
Always actively working
Every breath that we take

The rhythm of life
Unfolding before our eyes
The rotation of the earth
The morning sunrise

Understanding and clarity
All through the day
Continuously developing
In the right way

All working in harmony
Balance and accord
Divine Order
Compliments of the lord

Paul M. Kramer


You are not any better than anyone else.
No one else is any better than you.
You have the right to be who you are,
You are worthy and deserving in all that you do.

You need never be ashamed.
You were chosen through the process of birth.
You are not inferior to anyone.
Naked and equal everyone entered this earth.

Some had less fortunate beginnings.
Some had more challenges than others.
Many had to overcome constant obstacles.
Many grew up without fathers or mothers.

We are all children of the universe.
Our existence we need not justify.
Be not afraid to stand straight and tall,
then look everyone right in the eye.

Paul M. Cramer

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