Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cody Reel Shares "The Best Memories of My Life" Take the Trip With Him...

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When I was a kid

There wasn’t a thing I wouldn’t do
To make it Christmas as soon as possible

Although I knew Santy Claus wasn’t real
I still enjoyed the surprises and presents 
that I knew my parents had bought for me
The magic 
Was not 
Real magic, as that doesn’t exist
And yet,
It was still really magical
And it still is to this day
I wish
That I could stay in that same state of mind
As I had when I was a kid
No doubt
Those were the best memories
Of my life
Is a blessing
That most of us get to experience
No doubt
Mine wasn’t perfect
But there isn’t anything that can take
 those memories away from me

I can only hope
That Heaven
Is reliving those days over and over again

About the Author

I have loved writing as long as I can remember. I had an extreme desire to write in elementary school. Writing exams were the best, and it was my FAVORITE thing to do. I remember writing in 4th grade a creative story for class on something called an "AlphaSmart", and from then on out, I ALWAYS wanted my own laptop so that I could always write whenever I wanted to. Just the mere act of typing excites me: I don't care what I say, the feeling of those little buttons clicking is satisfying to me, as is typing very fast. I don't care what I say. However, thankfully, I also have things to say so I put them down either on notebook paper or the magic of the computer. I'm trying to make a lot of money so that I can become a full-time writer (meaning that I can make a lot of money from my stories and then take long breaks whenever I want to without having to wake up for work). I write fiction when I think I have a good story down.

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