Friday, April 17, 2015

For Love by Guy Graybill During National Poetry Month

For Love
Let’s steal away
To someplace where we can love;
Where breezes are cool and passions will rule,
While stars glitter high above.
Let’s steal a kiss,
A kiss that goes on and on;
With boldness that grips our hungering lips,
While night fades into the dawn.
Let’s find a nook
Where I’ll be alone with you;
Just hidden away an hour or a day;
Or maybe a week or two.
Let’s dare to dream:
A dream that we’ll make come true.
We’ll welcome the chance to make our romance
A love that is always new.
Let’s take a vow
To live, evermore, as one,
With light from above we’ll make the white dove
The symbol for all we’ve done…For love 

                                                                 © Guy Graybill     

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