Sunday, April 5, 2015

Come Spend Easter With Me, Listening to Hymns I've Always Loved - Featuring Poetry by Paul M. Kramer

Mixed (Family B) clouds over Santa Clarita, CA
Cirrus uncinus and Cirrus spissatus over Swift...
English: Cumulus humilis clouds in the foregro...
Believe Or Do Not Believe

You can choose to believe that you’re not worthy or deserve happiness.
You can choose to see clouds where others see sunshine.
You can choose to believe that the glass is half empty.
That we live only once and no more,
that after our death, there’s only nothingness.

You can choose to believe that your glass is half full,
that God is real and that God is true.
You can choose to believe,
that you indeed have a soul,
that you are more than just a body,
that your spirit will remain forever whole.

You can choose to believe or not to believe.

Paul M Kramer 


Once again you have awakened.
Be grateful for this day.
Let go of needless worry.
Turn negative thoughts away.

View the world more optimistically.
Open the channels of your mind.
New and wonderful experiences await you.
Leave old regrets behind.

For today is a new beginning,
a brand new fresh start.
The past is yesterday’s news
Today you can choose love to fill your heart.

Paul M. Kramer


Clouds are born to bring us water necessary for us to survive.
They were not created to rain on our parade.
Eventually the rain does stop and the clouds dissipate.
Clearly enabling us to see and feel the glory of the sun.
Above the clouds there is nothing but clear skies.
A place filled with sunshine, love and beauty.

Let us not let clouds dampen our spirits, or depress us.
Confusion and doubt can cloud our vision.
The clouds in our minds are sometimes so thick we lose our direction.
Let our faith open our minds and see through our self-induced clouds.

Unconditional love and goodness abides within us.
Faith is cloud-free and will bring us clarity.
With clarity there is joy and happiness.
Without clarity there are clouds, fear and uncertainty.

Paul M. Kramer

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