Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cody Reel Presents "The Beautiful Breath of Death" during National Poetry Month...

The Beautiful Breath of Death
What a beautiful day that will be
When I finally get to see
What God has prepared in store for me
When I finally get to see with my brand new eyes
The perfect prize
That lies above the celestial skies

When I am finally embraced
By the perfect embrace
And see the Heavenly Father’s face
I can hardly imagine what I would feel
And right now, it almost seems unreal
While I wait with anticipatory, patient zeal
I’m not just a kid from a small town
Who has to fight when the world pulls him down
While I stand in awe of the most loving Crown
I want to jump up and be sucked into Your arms
Even though that would probably cause me harm
Falling stories and stories onto my feeble arms
But I know that someday
We will both have our way
And I will have nothing to say but insufficient praise

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