Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Wisdom of Crystals By Michele Doucette


We have arrived at a volume that stands on its own in a completely different genre; The Wisdom of Crystals which has become book number six.

Kellie Jo Conn, owner/operator of Avalon Crystals shares the following.

Michele, what I really like about your book is that it is more of a crystal healing course, one that is wonderful. I like how you encourage the reader to write down everything they are feeling and sensing. That is brilliant. I am so glad to see that you do not recommend clearing in salt of any kind, an old school method that is actually harmful.

I like how you explain both color, and lack of, under your Directory of Crystals chapter; kudos to you. I feel that your book is so appropriate for the beginner crystal healers out there. I know many who are just starting out and need help to learn. Your book would be the perfect accompaniment to their learning.

Kristi Huggins, owner/operator of the Crystal Moon Sanctuary shares the following.

A great read for anyone who loves crystals, from beginners to those who have been working with crystals for a long time. Michele has done a wonderful job in creating a comprehensive guide in an easy to read and understand format. I will definitely be adding this book to my crystal library!
Ravenia Youngman, owner/operator of Crystal Skull Head Quarters shares the following.

A very well written book, ideal for anyone who wishes to understand more about stones and crystals and how best to connect with and care for them. Michele Doucette’s style of writing and presentation are very easy to follow and understand. I highly recommend this wonderful guide to anyone who wishes to further their knowledge in this fascinating field.

Genn Waite, owner/operator of Arkansas Crystal Works shares the following.

Michele’s explanation of high and low level frequency and illness/healing is very interesting. The reader is certain to find lots of information on crystals, gemstones, chakras and even crystal layouts and meditation. I believe there is plenty in this book for everyone, beginners as well as advanced crystal practitioners.
 As always, Michele’s writing is interesting, concise and informative. She includes many exercises and instructions for a person to get to know their crystals on a more intimate level. I recommend this book for anyone wanting to become more familiar with themselves and how to work with their crystal friends.

The Wisdom of CrystalsChapters include: [1] Introduction [2] Frequencies [3] Crystal Insights [4] My Final Exam [5] Hand Brushing [6] Choosing Your Crystals [7] Cleansing of Crystals [8] Facilitators of Healing [9] Ready to Begin [10] Exploring Your Crystals [11] Crystal Energy Exploration Techniques [12] Crystal Visualization Exercises [13] Directory of Crystals [14] Pendulum Dowsing [15] Getting To Know Your Pendulum [16] Crystal Formations [17] Beliefs about Quartz Crystal [18] The Subtle Energy of Crystals and Stones [19] Quartz Crystals with Special Properties [20] Structured Water, Quartz and Your Health [21] The Chakras [22] Crystal Layouts [23] Book Source Bibliography [24] Internet Source Bibliography [25] Favorite Crystal Websites [26] Accredited Crystal Healing Courses

As a Crystal Healing Practitioner, I continue to learn something new everyday from my many crystal companions. I also hold a Level 2 Reiki certificate. I am planning to combine my knowledge and understanding of these two modalities in the future.I am currently working on a volume unlike anything that I have written to date.

As guardian to a great many crystals, including crystal skulls, I was holding my Siberian Charoite skull (left hand) one day and my left hand began beating a slow and steady pulse. Not only that, by my right hand began vibrating in the same manner, almost as if the crystal wanted me to translate its energies into words; and so it has begun.

In keeping, I am sitting down with specific crystals, doing my best to give a wee bit of background history, before asking them what it is that they wish to share. I close my eyes, meditate on the energies of the crystal, and then write down those words and directions that come to me.

This shall become Healing the Planet and Ourselves: How To Raise Your Vibration.

ublished by St. Clair Publications, The Wisdom of Crystals is also available online at Amazon.

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