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Review: Kate Brady Went on Personal Favorite Author List With First Read...

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When they turned her over, part of her hair and scalp had been taken

Last to Die

By Kate Brady

It's nothing new to know that I love mystery, suspense, drama, etc., but I do like to find a new author once in awhile that I can both add to my "favorites" list and share that information with my readers! Kate Brady with Last to Die has done that! I will be going back to purchase her first book, One Scream Away, and be watching for her new books!

Last to DieThe amazing twisted ending was so startling that I "almost" sympathized with the killer for what she had done... To me that means the author deserves special kudos for not only keeping me in suspense and turning the pages, but adding a touch of irony that moved a good book to great for me...

Detective Dani Cole was personally pulled in when a woman was viciously killed and found in a local park. Rosi McNamara had been a young girl who had been in trouble, hooking, and who Dani had helped to get back into a decent job and life. But she had already been picked to die. Actually, she was only one of six who had been chosen. But Rosi had been discovered before an accomplice had arrived to remove the body...

What that delay allowed was for the police to get involved in finding what turned out to be a serial killer...

Knowing Rosi had been a hooker, Ty Craig, who owned most of the street women was a person of interest... And once that was mentioned, Dani was on borrowed time because her father had been found as a dirty cop, on Craig's payroll... Besides, Dani was also in the killer's sights and attempts to scare her off had already occurred. Soon, she was officially off the case!

But that didn't stop Dani--she continued with her own investigation, helped as much as possible by her now ex-partner...and by a major player, Mitch Sheridan.

Mitch Sheridan, a well-known photojournalism, had been overseas when his friend and business partner, Russell Sanders, called him, and after a brief conversation, had been heard arguing and pleading. And then the line went dead--dead as Mitch's friend now was...

Neither Dani nor Mitch wanted to hook up again after their brief affair when they were both too young to know what they were doing, but Dani was the assigned officer and as the investigation went on, there was some questions concerning the Sheridan Foundation, which had been started by Mitch and Russ, that kept him involved. In fact, there were criminal activities taking place there under the umbrella of the Foundation!

Of course, we all knew to be looking for the attraction between the lead male and female and their relationship provides an exciting side story that mixes well within the suspense and action to identify the killer.

A little mystery, a lot of suspense, criminal activities, psychological serial killing...and romance...all dished up in one novel...Last to Die by Kate Brady...what a great addition for those who enjoy mixed genres with a taste of danger that keeps hearts pumping until the end! For those like me, this is a must-read!

This book was won from

G. A. Bixler

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