Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Must Now Bid You Adieu...


Michele Doucette

I wish to take the time to thank Glenda for showcasing me as her spotlighted author for the month of November 2010.

I was most fortunate to discover Glenda on the internet while conducting some PR work in reference to my novel, A Travel in Time to Grand Pré. The review that she posted on August 10, 2010, warmed my heart, for I had so hoped that a connoisseur of books would be able to see all that I was trying to convey throughout the text.

I was quite pleased to discover that Travel in Time to Grand Pré was not in the least what she had been expecting. To catch someone, unexpectedly, off guard in such a manner, works for some, but not others. A unique and fascinating plunge into history, it delves into historical genealogy, Biblical archaeology, quantum physics, metaphysics and spirituality. To state that it is merely of the historical fiction genre simply does not hold true. I prefer to think of it as belonging to the visionary and metaphysical fiction category; one that may well be of my own making.

As Glenda also shares, there are some who may find the material disturbing. Why, you ask? Primarily because the material shared within may challenge the belief system of many readers. However, for those that are willing to explore the extensively researched documentation, this book should be considered a must read.

Is it an alternative historical tale, you ask? Hypothetically speaking, perhaps.

Could it be the interlacing of fantasy upon history? Theoretically speaking, quite conceivably.

Better yet, might it be the work of a research historian who has merged all of her research to arrive at a potential new truth? This is where I challenge you, the reader, to decide, and deliberate, upon the answer for yourself. Like Glenda, I also revel in unique.

Thank you so much for your continued attention this past month.

I want to thank Michele for her outstanding articles this past month. A researcher with the diversity of interest as Michele Doucette has brought a wealth of information, not only to me, but to my readers! Even now, I remember her information on cyrstals, as I read my latest book, a fantasy that is filled with crystals being used to heal and increase power. Having read Michele's articles before I started certainly helped me better appreciate this new book!

When we open ourselves to read what others write, even if it does not support our own beliefs, I believe we are giving ourselves and our beliefs a necessary challenge that will either make us stronger or guide us in a new path. I encourage you to consider the breadth of topics presented by our spotlighted author--choose just one and spend a little time learning more.

My best wishes for continued successful marketing for your books Michele! And thanks again for visiting Book Reader's Heaven!

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