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Review: All Great Books - This Was My Favorite from Rohm!

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Sandrina danced wildly, freely at the Voodoo secret ceremony
 The Secret Life  of Sandrina M.

By Jessica Dee Rohm

Of her three novels, The Secret Life of Sandrina M. by Jessica Dee Rohm, was my favorite. Perhaps it was the erotic touch of her secret life...but, maybe more, it was the sharing of that life with her readers. It is not easy to analyze your own actions, especially at the time you are directly involved in those actions, so Rohm's creation of a character who we see agonizing over her actions, while still involved, created an intimacy of realism for all of us to share. We became much more involved and concerned and wanted it all to be "OK" for her, even as we knew she was playing with fire...

Perhaps that secret life was a direct response to having a miscarriage. She had wanted the child, but knew that her husband was satisfied with just the two of them. He had even suggested an abortion and then when the baby had died, had told her that it was for the best...

The Secret Life of Sandrina M.She had gained her Pygmalion status through Joshua who saw her potential and began to mentor her in all things needed for her success. She was introduced to all the right people and dressed by a personal shopper until she could fashionably dress herself. He even told her how and when to eat! And at the end, she was ready to enter the PR business as a leader. Of course Joshua arranged for her first client...and she had been offered their business!

Now she had her own company and was heading for Brazil at the suggestion of clients who would host her.

And there she met Warren, with whom she began her secret life, especially on the night he took her to a secret candomble ceremony where she was quickly separated from him and attendants helped her to be entered by the spirit of fertility and protection... 

During her trance, she was once against going through her miscarriage and in her heart she blamed her husband...

But two things were happening back home. Michael, her husband, was facing major business problems and maybe legal action, based upon what his brother had done without his knowledge.

At the same time, a woman who worked for her and who she had recently promoted, was moving fast to corner Sandrina's clients through lies, tricks and two-faced backstabbing...

Sandrina had learn to be sharp and was an intelligent professional woman but when she learned that her mentor, Joshua had died while she was traveling, she was devastated.  But with the types of problems that could end both her personal and professional life, she had to act swiftly and with no holds barred! Sandrina is a woman ever woman should meet! She trusts easily, but when she is attacked, she acts immediately to hold what is hers. She is powerful, but her personal integrity shines through--you gotta love her!

I loved this story! Thoroughly enjoyable drama and a fantastic female lead character...A wonderful combination for readers!

Home for the holidays? Spend time with Jessica and her savvy sexy lead females even if you have to buy them and put them under the tree yourself! Don't forget to check out my reviews for all three books and my interview with the!

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