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Message For The 21st Century...


Michele Doucette

While I will not give everything away, Madeleine Sinclair comes back from 1755 Acadia, amidst the throes of the Acadian Deportation at Grand Pré, with several treasures, one of which is a special codex, as written in Aramaic by Yeshua (Jesus) at the height of his ministry.

In her review, Glenda discloses that the words within have given her cause to want to remember and to dwell upon them often. I think much has to do with this particular chapter. I will take the time, now, to share a few snippets with you.


My name is Yeshua ben Yosef, the eldest son born to Yosef and Miryam.

During the time of my birth, in the year 3 BC, high magnetic values, for the most part, were being experienced across the planet. By comparison, however, the Middle East was experiencing relatively low magnetic values. It is for this reason that I chose to be born in this region. At the time of my birth, this was the best possible locale in which to be born, an area where people were more open and receptive to new ideas.

[NOTE: I also discuss planetary magnetic on pages 133 through to 138]

These are my words. Why am I putting them to parchment, you ask? Is it so that they will be remembered for posterity? Nay, that is not my intent. I am like every writer who simply wishes to speak his truth. It is here that I am speaking my truth; henceforth, my message cannot be misconstrued. All who read the very words contained within this codex shall be able to ascertain my alignment with truth.

I am one of you, meaning that I, too, am of the brotherhood of man. All have come here to experience and understand the conclusiveness of God in this physical form. If you but take the time to see, to feel, to reflect, to meditate within, you will see that God exists within all things and in all beings.

We are a melding of both God-man (the mind of God expressing in human form) and man-God (man expressing the God within to continue the expansion of the Father into forever). In this light, you need not seek anything outside of your Being, for all that you need resides within.

As you come into your own alignment with truth, you will note that anything that does not serve you, anything that is not in resonance, shall fall away. You will also denote that it is in this release and letting go that something better always comes along. The only constant in this life is change. Do not be afraid of change. Change allows all to Be (as they are) and to Become (who they truly are).

One of the most challenging tasks we face is to learn to become nonjudgmental. As one learns to let things be, disentangling themselves from both emotionally charged situations as well as from the collective intellectual mindset of laws, rules and dogma, one is able to experience their own freedom and resolution.

As you are willing to embrace the higher vibration, an internal shift in consciousness takes place, thereby enabling you to Become (who you truly are).

Do not try to restrict others by judging them, controlling them or blaming them, for this limits your understanding of them. By direct association, this behavior also serves to limit their understanding of themselves.

Just as you have experienced yours, so, too, must you allow others the time to experience their own freedom and resolution, to move forward as best they know how.

Whenever you judge people or situations, you envelop them within your own belief system. In this way, you blind yourself to the truth about them, forgetting that they, too, are whole and divine.

Many have forgotten their divinity. In so doing, they believe themselves to be separate from God. Within this forgetting lies limited beliefs, opinions and judgments, none of which are functional in navigating your way through to the higher expression of the God within, so that you may continue this expansion of the Father into forever.

There is a way to remembering the sacredness of all life – the way of nonjudgment. As one becomes aware of their limiting beliefs, one better understands that their interactions with others are driven by what they believe to be true about the person. Sadly, these limiting beliefs never reflect the actual truth, a truth that states all is one. As one gains in universal awareness, one comes to the realization that your divinity is also theirs as well.

When you respond to people with love and compassion, you readily move from conflict to harmony. Such is the very freedom sought by all.

When you remember, embrace and share your divinity, you free others to walk their truth. You become accepting of their truth, for such is whom they are.

Yeshua, as commissioned by Nick Bunick and reprinted herein with permission

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