Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Ultimate Enlightenment For 2012

The Ultimate Enlightenment For 2012: All We Need Is Ourselves

was published on April 23, 2010, making it my second book. This is a book that belongs to the spiritual and metaphysical genre.

A few years after the birth of my daughter in 1988, I went to Shopper’s Drug Mart to pick up a book to read. The book that immediately caught my eye was titled The Messengers: A True Story of Angelic Presence and the Return to the Age of Miracles. Long have I been drawn to angels. The cover design of this particular book featured the most beautiful angel that I found myself returning, time and time, to this particular book.

Time seemed to stand still for me that day. After at least twenty minutes of deliberation, and perhaps more, I walked out of the store with book in hand. Little did I know that many years later I would be in email correspondence with Nick Bunick, the very subject of The Messengers.

The Ultimate Enlightenment For 2012: All We Need Is OurselvesSynchronicity refers to the special messages we receive when our energies (as well as the energies of the universe) and actions are aligned with a sense of purpose. In keeping with this alignment, the messages received always indicate that you are on the correct path; one deemed important to you in your spiritual evolvement, an evolvement in the energy of each and every moment. Some prefer to call them coincidences, but is there really such a thing?

In truth, I give full credit to Nick for leading me into the adventurous realms of the metaphysical unknown.

As a result, I have been managing the website, Portals of Spirit, since the dawn of the millennium. (Click title of article to move to this site)

Holding firm to my belief that the quality of our world depends upon the quality of our thoughts as individuals, it was important that I write this book.

Caught up in the web of competition, greed, jealousy, envy and hate, we have been lost to ourselves for a very long time. We have completely forgotten who we are. In addition, we have forgotten how to celebrate the expanse and greatness of all life. As we awaken and become more aware, our life is filled with the vibrations of love, peace, joy, wisdom and harmony.

Chapters include: [1] Introduction [2] Inner Rumblings, [3] The Power of Thought, [4] Prayers Are Always Answered, [5] Spiritual Literacy aka The Spiritual Truth, [6] Religious Affiliation Does Not Matter, [7] Paradigm Shift [8] Transformation [9] Unplugging From The Matrix [10] Utopia Exists [11] Time To Wake Up [12] We Are Our Own Future [13] Quotable The Secret Quotes [14] We’ve Been Living In A Dream World [15] Peace Really Does Depend On You [16] She Created Me [17] Epilogue

The Ultimate Enlightenment For 2012: All We Need Is Ourselves is a book that takes a fresh approach to the question of how we can step into our soul purpose and help create a better world.

Published by St. Clair Publications, it is also available online at Amazon. In addition, it is an honour to include a review from Nick Bunick on the back cover.

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