Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veracity At Its Best...

Veracity At Its Best

Not long after Turn Off The TV: Turn On Your Mind, I gave birth to a fourth book belonging to the spiritual and metaphysical genre: Veracity At Its Best.

Veracity comes from the Latin word veritas, meaning verifiable truth. The only constant on life is that of change, for all is constantly unfolding, evolving, growing. The next most important constant in life is that of truth.

Veracity At Its BestWhilst books and CD programs, metaphysical tools and spiritual teachers, may come into our lives, as transformational tools they serve merely to help us develop, strengthen and acknowledge our own inner teacher.

Chapters include: [1] The Breath: The First Miracle [2] Who Are We? [3] Why Are We Here? [4] How Do We Get To Who We Really Are? [5] Conclusiveness of God/dess [6] Elements of the Physical Experience [7] The Challenges We Face [8] Learning To Love Yourself [9] Compassion Is My Purpose [10] Truth Alignment [11] Living Your Truth [12] The Law of Attraction [13] The Power of Positive Thinking [14] Gratitude is Attitude [15] Emotional Freedom [16] Manifestation of Thought [17] The Paradigm Shift of 2012 [18] The Grail: What Might It Be? [19] Spiritual Truth [20] Energetic Arts [21] Message For the 21st Century excerpts [22] Love Is The New Religion

Clearly, what we are seeking exists within. Veracity At Its Best is a book that will assist the reader in doing the same. The time has come for the new spirituality to emerge.

Published by St. Clair Publications, it is also available online at Amazon.

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