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Crystals and Stones...By Michele Doucette

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I received my Crystal Healing Practitioner diploma, through Stonebridge Associated Colleges in the UK, on September 6, 2005. By July 2006, I had completed a two-year Literacy program, acquiring a Masters of Education degree from MSVU.

In keeping with the fundamental aspects of this physical experience, we speak of atoms as being the basic building blocks of matter. Comprised of particles called protons, electrons and neutrons, atoms join together to make molecules. Molecules, in turn, form most of the objects that exist in this physical existence.

There is a law of resonance which states that “when one system encounters another, similar system, their vibrations must come into a state of resonance (harmonic vibration).”(i)  This law also states that “the smaller field of vibration will be the one that will be changed to match the larger field of vibration.”(ii)

This means that when you pick up a crystal or stone, the vibration of that mineral enters into a state of resonance with the atoms (that are of a similar vibration) located within your own body, thereby creating a larger resonant field (of harmonic vibration) between your energy and the energy of the crystal or stone.

It is this vibration that has been associated with the energetic shift that many experience, which may also include the loosening of blockages within the physical body, thereby attributing to the new understandings (perceptiveness, awareness) and healing (harmonizing, renewal) that can be gleaned as a result.

There are many crystals and stones that I am drawn to; some based on metaphysical properties, some based on formation (structure), some based on color.

It was in September 2005 that I composed several articles which were posted on my Gateway To The Soul ezine.


As crystals are birthed by the Great Mother, so, too, are we connected with the mineral kingdom.

I am currently exploring Zero Point energy via the Zero Point Continuum of Life Nano Wand. (iii)

The result of more than 27 years of research, and based on a synergy of ancient healing wisdom and modern scientific breakthroughs, these powerful Nano Wands are comprised of a proprietary scientific combination of granulated minerals, fused together inside of a magnetic casing (high grade stainless steel) to access Zero Point energy.

All matter is comprised of energy. Zero Point energy is formless. Zero Point energy is also the source of everything.

The Nano Wand contains zeolite, tourmaline, germanium, magnetite, hematite, rose quartz, amethyst and a proprietary blend of more than forty other crystals, minerals and elemental ingredients, all of which support the process of scalar energy healing.

The Nano Wand is a natural energy generating device that rejuvenates molecular structures found in all liquids. With the human body ranging anywhere from 55% to 78% water, depending on physical size, water is the medium that enables the signal of the beneficial energy patterns from the Nano Wand to improve the quality of the body’s liquids.

The Nano Wand facilitates and strengthens the flow of bio-energy (also called chi or ki). It also unblocks areas in which that energy may not be flowing fully. This can have the effect of allowing your body to improve its natural immune response, thereby increasing energy. In addition, the nutrients and micronutrients in the foods you consume can be more effectively utilized.

The Nano Wand is fully endorsed by the Centre for Quantum Healing and Noetic Sciences in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.


(i)Ahsian, Naisha. (2006). How and Why Crystals and Stones Work article retrieved on August 28, 2010 at

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