Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Turn Off The TV: Turn On Your Mind...

By Michele Doucette

Following on the heels of The Ultimate Enlightenment For 2012: All We Need Is Ourselves came Turn Off The TV: Turn On Your Mind, my third book. As with its predecessor, it, too, belongs to the spiritual and metaphysical genre.

We are conditioned to believe that what we are looking for exists outside of ourselves. This is the very belief that has served to help enslave use. Truth be told, all that is needed to unlock the power of the human mind exists within, for the mind is incredibly dynamic and needs to be both recognized and acknowledged as such.

Learn deeply of the mind and its mystery for therein lies the true secret of immortality is the message put forth in The Secret in the Bible by Tony Bushby. This sixteen-worded sentence, extracted from the ancient Book of God, a mysterious old document written on fabric of an unknown nature, and highly regarded by the Ancients thousands of years ago, is what now serves to highlight the individual journey of many, myself included.

It is in defining both the ego as well as the authentic self that one is able to embrace the now. Spiritual enlightenment and conscious awareness is what comes of regaining the power of one’s own thought processes from pre-programmed thoughts/ideas/belief systems as long dictated by society.

Chapters include: [1] Foreword [2] To Be or Not To Be [3] The Nature of the Human Mind [4] The Journey of the Human Mind [5] The Power of Thought [6] Connecting with the Source [7] What is Gnosis? [8] Gnosis Continued [9] The Gate to Remembrance [10] Living a Life Without Limits

If I may share these words from a reviewer.

Please do not be fooled by the title, Turn Off The TV: Turn On Your Mind, by thinking that this is a mundane book. This book is anything but that.

If you are just a beginner to spirituality, this book is offering a template for you to follow. If you think you have reached an intermediate level, this book can take you to a deeper understanding. If you believe that you are already an advanced entity, there are aspects of this book that will enable you to ponder, thereby assisting you further in your spiritual awakening.

From the opening statement, To Be or Not To Be, Michele encourages you to contemplate the deeper meaning of To (Choose) To Be or To (Choose) Not To Be (Enlightened). She then weaves concoctions of words and concepts that take you, the reader, to new depths in a clear, concise and easy manner, as well as offering numerable sources for you to research further, if that is your aspiration.

Turn Off The TV: Turn On Your MindWhat is very obvious as one progresses into this book is that Michele expresses all of this material from her own experiences and her own understanding. I highly suggest this book to anyone on the Path of Enlightenment, declaring it is a must read.

Published by St. Clair Publications, it is also available online at Amazon.

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